A Jonah in your Boat?

I spoke in an earlier blog about flattery and the trap that the Bible says it’s easy to fall into if a person allows it to pump up his vanity.

If we have any preachers reading, I’d like to speak to you specifically about the issue (by the way, when do you get time to read my stuff, if you’re a busy preacher?)

Anyway, here’s the point:

A visitor comes to your church. At the door, leaving the church you greet him: “Nice to have you visit, sir. New in town?”

Oh no, just visiting.

“Looking for a church, then?”

Well, yes. At the moment, I’m a member of Fifth Ave. Church.

“I see. Well, Brad Fletcher, your preacher is a friend of mine. Say ‘hello,’ if you will next time you see him, please.”

I’m afraid I won’t be seeing him very soon.

“Moving, or something?”

No. I just don’t seem to be fed by his preaching. But I can tell, from what I heard in your sermon that this is a place I could get some meat from the Word. That was a top-notch sermon. . .


Watch out; he’s laying it on thick. He may be telling the truth. But . . .

Often, he’s church hopping, looking for another church since he’s gotten into some sort of trouble at the last one that he didn’t deal with properly. He’s on the run, rather than facing, and dealing with his problems! You’ll be sorry if you take him in—if he’s a Jonah fleeing. First thing you know, the waves will begin to rock your boat and, eventually, you may end up having to throw him overboard!

What to do?

Pay him a visit. Find out if there’s been a problem. If so, help him and pastor Brad to settle matters God’s way. You get no bargain when you take a Jonah into your boat!


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