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Ever hear the expression, “Flattery will get you everywhere?”

Don’t you believe it! Especially if you are on the receiving end. Proverbs 29:5┬áhas something to say about the one troweling it on.

A man who flatters his neighbor is spreading a net for his steps.

If you wanted to trap a bird or some other animal, you spread a net. But then you covered it with leaves so that the unsuspecting animal would have no fear of walking into the trap. When it’s squarely within the net, you pull the rope, and there it is unceremoniously dangling from a tree in the trap!

Flattery is the leaves used for covering the trap for humans—no matter what the motive behind it.

You wanna’ get caught in the net? Then, soak up the slop.

It’s a vain person who is subject to being flattered into some trap or other. If you have been caught—or seem likely to be—better check your vanity quotient!

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