Computer Problems

I’ve been having some trouble with the computer lately.

“Seems like par for the course.”

You’re having trouble too?

“Have had in the past. Got it fixed—what’s your trouble?”

Well, we operate here with a wireless system, you see.

“And . . . “

My computers were not picking up a signal from our router. Had to borrow (so to speak) signals from the router of my son next door.

“So what’ja do about it?”

What I always do—messed around for a couple of weeks unsuccessfully trying to fix it.

“Fix it?”

Nope. Finally had to call the company; they sent out a man who in ten minutes fixed it.

“What’d he do?”

Replaced the old, outdated modem that the company provided with a new one. Now works fine! Said that they had increased the power lately and that the old ones don’t work very well with it.

“Hmmmm . . . .”

People are like that too.

“What’ja mean?”

Christians can live the same way that they have been when the Lord provides the increased power that they need to become more of what He wants them to be.

“Tell me more.”

Just let me read Philippians 2:13 instead:

It is God who is producing in you both the willingness and the ability to do the things that please Him.

He gives the power; we have to use it!

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