When All Goes Wrong

When everything goes wrong—Christian, what do you do? Panic, get angry, head for the hills, cover up your real concerns, blame others, doubt your faith, get angry with God—or what?

People do all of the above, and a variety of other things when hard times set in. Should they?

There is a difference between making an accurate assessment of the situation as bad, tragic, devastating, and, on the other hand, calling it pointless, hopeless, a betrayal by God, and the like.

Sure, Christians recognize tragedy; they grieve and even get angry at times in a legitimately correct manner. But those who give up in despair, who see no purpose in what has happened, who hole up and whine, who take out their frustration on God or the church or other believers, are not right in doing so.

Nothing is pointless; all has a divine purpose; nothing is beyond hope; nothing is meaningless; nothing is ultimately adverse for any believer. Rather, according to Romans 8:28, precisely the opposite is true.

It’s time that Christians began to take the truths of their faith to heart, putting them into practice in life. It’s time we declared, “All hasn’t gone wrong. It has gone God’s way. And that way is right!” How about it? Got a serious problem? OK, then. How are you handling it?


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