Rain on the Head

It’s raining today. . .

“You didn’t have to tell me: I have eyes to see and a head to get wet!”

Smart aleck! What I was going to say before you interrupted with your remark is that . . .

“Go ahead and say it!”

If you’ll let me. I was going to say that it’s good for our garden. It needed some rain. Besides that, I always appreciate a change of the weather. Wouldn’t want to live where it never rains.

“If you did, you could plan picnics without any fear of cancellation.”

Right! But as I was saying, “Isn’t it wonderful How God provided so many different things for us to meet so many different situations?”


Psalm 23:1 is an enthymeme that . . .

“A what?”

An enthymeme is a logical syllogism with one of the members missing.


It reads, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not lack.” If the full syllogism were present, it would read:

The Lord is my shepherd
Shepherds provide everything sheep need
Therefore, as one of His sheep I lack nothing.


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