Blackberry Winter

Can you believe that all of a sudden in the middle of 80+ degree weather we are suddenly hit with a bone-chilling day?

I never heard anyone say it before, but tonight when I was commenting on this at RBCTI (see comments elsewhere in the website about what this is)—as I was going to say, before I interrupted myself—one of the students said. “Blackberry Winter!”

Now, I’ve heard about Indian summer before—in fact, there’s a blog somewhere in the files on it—but Blackberry Winter? That’s a new one on me. But, having just devoured a bowl of huge blackberries the other day, I can see how it fits.

Betty said that she had heard about it in one of Jan Karon’s books. But though we read all of them together, I just can’t remember hearing it. So, I’m re-informed, and glad for it. I like the expression!

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