A “Licensed” Counselor?

There’s a problem in the “Christian counseling” movement today that I’d like to address. There are people advertising that they are fully licensed by the state. Sounds good? Think about it and see if it really doesn’t sound bad.

Why would a Christian want to be licensed?

For credibility? To be able to accept third party checks?

Since when does the state know anything about licensing people to do biblical things—including counseling? If one said “fully endorsed by my denomination,” that wouldn’t be so bad—but the state determining whether one is qualified to do biblical counseling? C’mon!

And as for taking checks to do medical things in counseling—is that really legitimate? After all, if the Bible is what is really used, it is the source of help; not medicine. Probably a bit of a problem with integrity here, don’t you suppose?

Time we thought seriously about such matters. What people need is training in how to use their Bibles to help others—not psychology!


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