CEOs in the Pulpit

There may be others; I don’t know. But at least there’s one.

“One what?”

One who is willing to come right out and say it.

“Say what?”

Say that a preacher who acts like a CEO is failing to minister. In fact he says that on that arrangement, which is common in mega-churches today, the people are doing what the preacher ought to be doing, and he’s doing what they ought to be doing.

“Wow!” Who said that?”

Gene Edward Veith.

‘Where did he say it?”

In his excellent book, God at Work, a Crossway publication that appeared in 2002.

“What else does he say that might be that interesting?”

Not tellin.’

“Why not?”

Because you ought to read it for yourself. It’s all about “Christian Vocation,” as he calls it.


Stop Hmmmmmin ‘n hawin’ and get a copy.

“Boy! When you put it that way, it must be good.”


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