I don’t have to do it often, but I’ll be cooking for myself for four days next week when Betty takes a class in portrait painting. Her painting is the more important factor, of course, but my cooking is the more interesting one.

Let’s see. One day I’ll be able to meet with a friend and go to Demeter’s, an excellent Greek restaurant in Woodruff. Woodruff is a little city not too far from our home. Donn and I meet there so often to eat and discuss matters, that we affectionately call it “our boardroom.”

Well, what of the other meals? I’ve got a couple of frozen food packets in the freezer, and the rest is up to me. Haven’t laid any other plans yet. All ideas welcomed!

I can boil water; I can fry an egg—or even poach it. But do you have any slick ideas for a non gourmet four-day-bachelor’s cooking?

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