Back Off?

One of the saddest things is to see a believer who is faced with sin, when he needs to do otherwise, back off. There are times to back off; but when it comes to compromising with evil, that isn’t one of them.

Many years ago a very wise man wrote this:

The righteous person giving way to the wicked is like a polluted spring and a ruined fountain.
                                                        Proverbs 25:26 (CCNT/P)

What did the writer of Proverbs mean by those words? He meant that such a person is a great disappointment.

You’ve been hiking in the wilderness, tired and thirsty and come across a spring. You get out your testing equipment and discover it’s filthy, polluted to the hilt, unfit to drink from. What a disappointment.

All over Europe, you will find (often in the center of minor towns and cities) fountains that once provided water for the entire community. Long neglected, they no longer are fit for use. If you’d expect to get anything worth drinking from them, you’d be greatly mistaken.

What’s the answer? Repair the fountain; clean up the spring. Deal with the wickedness in such a way that Christ is honored and His Word upheld.

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