Ever Write a Book?

Most people haven’t, so, perhaps you haven’t heard the one most common piece of advice all authors give.

“What’s that?”

Simply this: “Revise, revise and revise.

“Interesting for authors, I suppose; but why mention it to me?”

Because, in a very important sense you are writing a book.

“Me? You’ve gotta’ be kidding.”

No. You are. It’s the story of your life.

“Oh. I get it now.”

Do you? The important thing to remember, when seeking to live for the Lord, is revise, revise, revise. If you ever think that you’ve “arrived,” you will mess up your pages for sure.

“What do you mean revise?”

Just as an author must continually revise to get things right, so too do you need continually to revise your way of living. Go over every page, each word, the plan of the manuscript. Or, you will live a life that you wouldn’t want published.

Sometimes, people send me manuscripts to review. They want my endorsement placed on the back outside cover. But there are many I couldn’t endorse. Would God endorse the story you are writing? Think about it.


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