Counsel and Discipline

Listen to this important injunction:

Listen to counsel and submit to discipline that, at length, you may be wise” (CCNT/P)
                                                                     —Proverbs 20:20

How many young people have gone wrong because they failed to heed one or the other—or both, as is often the case—of these admonitions!

Are you one who has messed up your life and brought grief to your family? Are you one of those who was a know-it-all and didn’t “need” anyone else’s advice? Even God’s?

Are you one who now-when it seems too late—would like some good counsel?

Would you accept it?

If you received it, would you submit to the discipline that’s necessary to carry it out?
Well, there’s hope in the Lord Jesus Christ! It’s not too late!

If you need help, want it, would do what is necessary to take advantage of it—let us know and we can point you to it. Don’t wait until it really is too late!

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