Gnats and Camels

I have an acquaintance who fits Jesus’ description to a “T.” He is always coming up with some totally insignificant aspect of a passage that doesn’t make any difference whether or not it’s correct or incorrect. You know, things like, “Who was someone or other’s great uncle or aunt?” That sort of thing. But his life is often quite out of sync with his profession of faith.

“What was it that Jesus said, that you have in mind?”

You strain out a gnat, but swallow a camel
                                                            —Matthew 23: 24

It’s a great picture, isn’t it? Here’s a fellow all concerned about a little gnat that landed in his cup of Java, and has to strain it out before drinking it, but on the other hand is willing to swallow down a huge hairy slobbering beast—head first (the sort of thing he’d want to know is whether or not we ought to think that it really was head first or not—totally missing the point of the illustration!).

I’ve never told him about the fact that a misprint in the original KJV read, strain “at” rather than strain “out.” He’d probably spend weeks thinking about that if I did. And, if I told him that there are still some KJVs that perpetuate the error, that would give him even more to puzzle about.

Hope you aren’t a gnat strainer—either out or at—while being a camel swallower. After all—they’re pretty nasty beasts!



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