Never Enough!

“What is it with preachers anyway? They never seem to get enough! Week after week, there they are up there in front of us prodding us to get with it in doing this, believing that, having a new attitude about . . . If you can exhort a person about anything, they’ll find a way to do it. They’re never satisfied. What a change it would be if some day they would just get up and compliment us!”

Is it right for preachers to always be urging people on to greater heights? Would it be wise for them to take a rest now and then from doing so?

Well, Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church and told them how great they were doing. So, it certainly isn’t wrong to note progress when one sees it. But to this church—doing as well as they were—he also had this to say:

Finally, brothers, we ask and urge you . . . as you learned from us how you ought to walk and please God (even as you are walking), that you continue to do more and more.               1 Thessalonians 4:1

It wasn’t enough! Paul commended them (as we should when there is something to genuinely commend), but used that very commendation to urge “more and more” of the same.

No, it wouldn’t be good for preachers to stop urging, exhorting and encouraging. People need it; it is the task of a faithful preacher to provide it for them. So, don’t complain when the preacher starts digging under your toenails—that’s his job. Yours is to listen, to profit and to do what God says. And, to do it “more and more.” Be glad that your preacher is always asking for more—he’s one with Paul in doing that!

One thought on “Never Enough!

  1. Thank you very much Mr Adams for your post today.
    I have been needing to hear this as my church elder has been faithfully correcting rebuking and training us in righteousness, including myself.
    There is so much ‘competition’ for the true biblical gospel in Kuala Lumpur and so much work to be done to propagate it and grow the church. I have been a little weary recently from the work and constant improvements I need to make about myself and my working habits. Not easy, I realise its my own lazy selfishness but I will press on and fix my eyes on Christ, by his grace.

    Just to encourage you as well, dear brother all the way at the otherside of the world, currently, I am reading through Competent to Counsel as I am hoping to tell others at a Gospel and Culture elective in Malaysia to love Scripture and deny false presuppositions readily adopted in counseling.

    Hoping to visit WTS this year and hoping that it is possible to pursue a Masters in Biblical Counseling there perhaps in the year 2018/ 2019- God willing

    Praying you and the rest of the counselors doing faithful word ministry will persevere in joy and to the honor of Christ