“But it Seemed Right”

Be glad you’re here to tell us about it! There are those who didn’t make it. As he rounded the curve at 85 miles per hour, he also said, “I think I can make it easily.” But he was wrong—it only seemed right to him, but it wasn’t. When she reached for the bottle of medicine on that dark night, it seemed that she had the right bottle, but those wrong pills killed her. Sure, it seemed right, but it wasn’t.

He was serious—he thought he could make it; she was certain that she had the right bottle. But both of them were wrong—dead wrong. People make mistakes because, since Adam’s sin, there have been no perfect people. Every day people do things that seem right but they end up in hospitals or funeral parlors. Seeming right isn’t the same as being right. No matter how sincerely one may think something is correct—if it isn’t, it isn’t. Seeming right doesn’t make it right.

Now there are people all over the world who worship images, spirits, the sun and moon, gods that they earnestly believe it is right to worship. But that doesn’t mean that these gods exist. And people who place their hopes in them will find out some day that they were miserably deceived by parents, priests and others who urged them to swear by them. But it will be too late then.

Yes, every day people tell themselves and one another that this way or that is the right way. And if enough people around you say so, it seems right, doesn’t it. If most so-called scientists believe in evolution, it seems right—right? But does that make it right? Because Al Gore says that there is global warming, and he has others to back up what he says—does that make him right?

Seeming right and being right are two different things; and it’s time that many people awaken to the fact. Listen to Proverbs 14:12:

There is a way that seems right to a person, but at its end are the ways of death.

Note the plural “ways.” One way is physical death, the sort of death we talked about above. But there is another way at the end of a wrong road—spiritual death. What the Bible calls the “second death”—means the separation of your soul from God forever. To say in the day of reckoning that “I sincerely believed it was right,” won’t cut it-you must be right. To mistake the way for one that seems right is to miss out on heaven, and suffer in hell for eternity.

So, what must you do about it? Be sure you’re right—not just that what you believe is right, is right! It is worth your while to take the time to investigate. No other religion but Christianity has historical roots that can be shown to be accurate. No other has a living Savior who can do things in His world today, and does so-exactly as He wishes. Have you ever made a thorough investigation of what is offered out there? Have you genuinely compared the Bible and its message with other calls to faith? Isn’t it time to do so, if you haven’t? After all, your way may seem right when it isn’t. You may be headed for one or both of the ways of death-the way of physical death or the way of spiritual death. How sad when one dies physically; how much more so when he does spiritually—especially, when he trusted in a way the only seemed right, but wasn’t!


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