Attention—INS Students, Graduates!

I just took a look at the archives and I discovered, to my chagrin, that I’ve been neglecting you. So, in order to compensate for this thoughtless, unconscionable, unnecessary, neglect I have decided to introduce a new feature into my blogging—i.e., to say, if you agree.

“A new feature? If I agree?” you may be thinking.

Yes, just so.

Here, in essence is what it will be. Once a month I shall select from statements, questions, counseling cases—or whatever you decide to send to Donn at the feedback link below—an item to which I shall give special treatment in a blog. Your agreement will be signaled by your submissions.

“But will you put my . . .”

Of course not! I wouldn’t think of putting your name in the blog—unless, of course, you request me to do so.

So, think about it. Come up with a submission, and we’ll begin this month if any come in. It will be great to hear from you!

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