Do You Need Counseling, Christian?

If you can’t solve your problems in a biblical way, you probably need Nouthetic Counseling.

If you and your church can’t get along together, though you’ve tried talking to the pastor and/or officials, you may need counseling.

If you have children who are going astray, you could use biblical counseling.

If you want a life that pleases Christ more, and don’t know how to do so, you will need counseling.

If you make things worse when you try to solve them, you definitely need counseling.

If you are deeply in debt and not getting out of it, you need counseling.

If you are depressed, then surely you need counseling.

Not only do these problems indicate a probable need for counseling, there are dozens of others like this sample that would fit the category.


The place to find help ought to be in your church. Your pastor or one of your elders ought to be able and willing to counsel. Talk to them. If not, then they need training in biblical counseling, and you will probably not get the counsel that you need at your church. If so, and you live in our area, there is a place you can get Nouthetic Counseling—write us at the feedback link below and we’ll point you to one. If you live elsewhere, note NANC’s availability here. If you need counsel—be sure to get it. And be sure it’s biblical. If you can’t be sure, ask if it is Nouthetic Counseling. If the response is positive, you can be reasonably sure its biblical. If not, be careful—it probably is not.

Perhaps you would like to counsel someone else. If so, write Donn about INS where you can study Nouthetic Counseling in its purest form.

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