Summer is Coming!

Well, the kudzu was right!

Remember how I told you that the kudzu takes no chance of getting hit by a hard freeze, so it takes its time greening up?

Well, sure enough—everything else is in blossom and looking great — but . . .

Tonight, the freeze is to come at 29 degrees!

Imagine—April 7th—spring . . .

It just can’t be. Global warming says it can’t. The calendar belies it. How can we trust anyone in the seed companies again when they told us that we could plant during the middle of March?

Well aren’t you glad that God’s prophecies, unlike those who sell seeds, and those who forecast the weather are more reliable?

Indeed, they are so reliable that you can depend on them to the hilt! That’s what the unbelieving Jews, to their chagrin, found out in 70AD when, in fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecies, the Savior’s enthronement in the heavens as the Son of God was confirmed by the destruction that he had predicted in such detail.

And we can be just as certain of His promises yet to be fulfilled. He will come again, He will raise the dead, they will see Him face to face, and those who know Him as their Lord and Savior in their new bodies will rejoice at the fact.

Yes, in His time—His time—summer will come!

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