Storm Ahead?

They’re predicting a storm for tonight, but who knows—they predicted it for yesterday afternoon, and it didn’t come. How unreliable man’s predictions are!

But, you know, God’s aren’t. When he predicted the destruction of Jerusalem (Luke 17, 21) He told believers that when they saw armies surrounding they should get out of Dodge (Jerusalem)—they knew He meant business, believed it would happen, and escaped to Pella.

Hmmmm . . . .

Predictions. How important they are to the Christian. To know that we have a God and a Savior Whose Word is 100% reliable! Now that’s something. Yet, we Christians don’t cash in on this tremendous strength of our faith as we should when talking to others.

Look at the Jehovah’s Witnesses, so-called. They tried and failed. Tried again, and again and once again 1975—and failed in their predictions every time. The Adventists did much the same with failure after failure, until one of them came up with an excuse—God hid the truth to test us! Who but the naive would believe that—especially after repeated past failures in predicting?

Hey! Wake up! We have a Lord Whose predictions never fail!

It’s bad enough when I don’t know whether to carry an umbrella or not—the weather bureau can’t be trusted, we all know that. But what of a religion with a leader whose predictions fail? Now, that’s serious—particularly when, as believers know, there is a great storm coming that an umbrella won’t help anyone avoid!

I predict that few will heed this word!

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