Wrong Directions

It seems clear that the passage in Daniel 7:13, 14 has been misinterpreted over and over again. Because Jesus is said to be “coming with clouds,” many have thought that the passage must refer to the second coming of Christ to this earth.

“Sure, in Luke 21:27 you see the fulfillment of the prophecy from Daniel.”

Correct. The two passages refer to the same event.

“See, we agree on something after all.”

Not so fast, my friend. Look more closely at Daniel 7. Jesus isn’t said to come to the earth. Rather, he is said to come to the Father to receive the rule of the kingdom. The event predicted was not a coming to earth—the second coming—but a coming to heaven. It is the ascension and session (seating) of Christ at the Father’s right hand. Earth is in the opposite (wrong) direction.

“Hmmmmm . . . .”

Yes, this event is the one that took place on the other side of the cloud.


Remember, Jesus was taken up in a cloud at His ascension. In Daniel 9 and in Luke 21 we are given a picture of what happened on the other side of that cloud—the side the disciples couldn’t see. He was taken up to the Father, coming to Him on clouds.

“Are you sure?”

Certainly. Read it for yourself. Notice, also, when the event we are looking at occurred—Luke 21:32 tells us that it would happen in the generation of those to whom He was speaking. Jesus is on the throne now—His enthronement was not to wait until some time yet future (See Luke 22:69).


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