Have We All Gone Nuts?

I suppose that I’m the last person on the globe to do so, but last night I finally watched the “American Idol” show. I had heard it was bad—now I know it is.

I didn’t choose to do so. Someone else turned on the TV and subjected me to it.

What a wealth of no talent! What ridiculous and superficial evaluations! What supercilious self-promoting judges! What a waste of time!

If this is what Christians are spending their good American dollars and wonderful evening hours on, they’re nuts!

Sorry! That’s how it is in my book.

Have we lost all sense of propriety? Have we no judgmental capacity left? Have we all gone so far that we can’t recognize a trashy program from an appropriate one? Have we all gone nuts?

Frankly, if I had nothing better to do with my time, I think I’d have to conclude that I’m a very superficial person. And having reached such a conclusion, I hope I’d have enough sense left to do something about it. And if I did, I’d begin by shutting such ridiculously puerile programs out of my life!


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