Comments—Let’s Try This Again

I have installed a new spam filter so I am going to give this another whirl. The most common request we get is to allow for comments on our blog. While we would love to hear from those who enjoy Jay’s blogs we also recognize that Dr. Adams is a lightning rod for those who oppose biblical counseling. We do not wish to give them one more forum.

So, here are the rules:

  • Be nice. If you have no respect for Dr. Adams why are you reading his blog?
  • Feel free to disagree, we will respectfully explain why you are wrong.
  • Stay on topic and interact about substance. All complaints about “tone,” off topic comments, and ad hominim attacks will go straight to the recycle bin.
  • No personal anecdotes or comments about specific counseling cases.
  • Do not be offended if your comment does not get “approved.” It could be that we are out of the office or have neglected the website for a few days. It is also possible that your comment was obtuse.