Where Does God Live?

Did He live in the temple as the Shekinah glory that shone between the two cherubim that guarded the ark of the covenant? Surely, there was some manifestation of Deity at that place whether it was the dwelling of the Most High God, Jehovah, or not. Exactly what the glory that appeared was, is hard to say, but (at the very least) it was a “manifestation” of God’s presence-but not of His sole or permanent place of manifestation.

Indeed, at the dedication of the temple, Solomon has a definitive word about the subject. He prayed in the following manner  (not one, but several times, seemingly to emphasize the fact):

Hear the petition of Your servant, and Your people Israel when they pray toward this place [the temple] and May You hear in You dwelling place in heaven place in heaven.

One was to pray toward the temple, which bore God’s Name, but he would be heard in heaven—not in the temple.  God’s dwelling was heaven (what is referred to elsewhere as the third heaven)—not the temple.