Pope Benedict XVI waves as he rides in the Popemobile as he departs the White House after meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush, April 16, 2008 in Washington DC. Pope Benedict XVI is celebrating his 81st birthday and on Thursday he will say Mass at the Nationals Baseball stadium.   (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images).

Think of the apostle Peter visiting England—or elsewhere—in a horse-drawn carriage decorated to the hilt. Peter—the supposed pope—who said “silver and gold have I none . . .” Incredible, isn’t it!

And, of course, the Petermobile-carriage (or whatever you’d call it) would have to be large enough for two, since, according to Scripture, Peter was married (and perhaps you’d have to have a rear seat for several children! Remember, no birth control).

The whole idea of a German cardinal becoming a Pope living in the Vatican in Italy, with all of its wealth and display, compared with the apostle Peter, who called himself an “elder,” and forbid others like himself from “lording it over” others, is ludicrous. That Rome is the successor to the apostolic band is one of the greatest hoaxes that has ever been pulled off (fairly successfully, at that).

The apostle’s carriage, might even be drawn by camels in order to make it more impressive. Perhaps even accompanied by elephants. Who know? They used all of these as well as horses in Peter’s day. But, whatever, it would have been spectacular, don’t you think?

And, can you picture Peter, at the window, waving his gnarled fishermen’s hand to the crowds, dispensing blessings right and left! How come Peter didn’t think of all of these things when he was pope? After all, it might have gotten Christianity off to a faster start!

At any rate, the apostomobile (perhaps that would be closer to its proper name) was a sad omission that I guess it’s just too late to remedy—oh well . . . !