Where’s the Psychiatrist?

This week I have had the dubious pleasure of spending three days and nights in the hospital. I am convalescing as I write. Dubious, I say, because no one enjoys going to the hospital; pleasure, because the experience in one way was much better than I had anticipated.

Let me explain. Spartanburg Regional Hospital is a first-rate hospital system in a moderately-sized South Carolina city. It has become well-known enough for people from around the Southeast to travel to use its services. Superb physicians are coming to join its staff. It is also becoming well-known from its full page ads in world-class magazines. I suspect as the word gets out they will travel from much greater distances. And, as I became a part of things, I came to understand something of why I was located in a truly superior hospital complex.

Everything was efficiency itself! I was met at the door by “transportation services” with a wheelchair ready to receive me from the car. There was no waiting for admissions; I was taken immediately to my room. Less than fifteen minutes later I was in bed with a nurse inserting an IV into my arm. Personnel were prompt in responding to needs, and very informed, helpful and pleasant. And, so it went throughout the three days’ duration.

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