How Movements “Mature”

Isn’t it strange how things repeat themselves?

“What, in particular, do you have In mind?”

The way a movement or cause surges ahead, only to have some of those who benefit most from it, later in rising to leading positions, begin to reject, transform and set forth their own ways of pursuing it.

“Yeah. That often happens. Do you think it’s deliberate?”

Only partially so. They soon think they can refine, modify for the better, and so forth, only to emerge from the process espousing and teaching something quite different from that which brought them to the place that enables them to do so. This confuses many people who don’t understand what’s happening. They received much help from the original theses which they adopted and put into practice, and are now told that these were simplistic, or outmoded, or something of the sort. Times have changed. But if the cause is Scriptural, it matters little how the times go—or come—for that matter.

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Well, the weather is moderating. At the end of February, the jonquils should start poking their heads above ground. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. But as soon as it grows hot this summer, there will be many looking for cooler temperatures.

Is that good or bad?

Well, it depends.

If we’re complaining about what God sends us rather than making the best of it, that’s bad. If, on the other hand we are looking forward to the latest, new display of God in nature, that’s good.

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