But as he reasoned with him about righteousness, self-control and the coming judgment, Felix became alarmed and replied, “Go away for now; when I have time later on I’ll send for you.”         Acts 24:25

Ah, for a modern day Paul to stand before some of our government officials and do the same!

Are any three topics more appropriate to discuss with a number of them than these three?

Where is righteousness in government? God’s standard of right and wrong—the Bible—totally dismissed. How, then, can they even know what is right?

How many have demonstrated an out of control lifestyle! Can you even count the number over the last ten years in national and local governments who have exhibited an utter lack of self-control?

And the judgment to come—they have for the large part forgotten (or don’t believe) that, sooner than they might think, they must appear before the judgment seat of Christ to answer for what they have done.

Ah, for someone with the opportunity and intestinal fortitude to do so. Perhaps we should all pray that God will raise him up. Perhaps they too would try to evade the issues the way Felix did. Perhaps, not. But it would be good to know that a number of them were faced with these matters.


Give me one reason for what you’re doing.

“Well, I think that it’s a useful thing to do. Perhaps we can stop the abortion legislation.”

My friend, do you, as a Christian, believe that aligning yourself with Mormons, Roman Catholics, Muslims and Greek Orthodox people is the right way to solve the problem?

“I suspect so. Why not? After all, there are several well-known Christians in the group.”

Is that your standard of faith and practice—what famous people do?

“Well, no. But they seem convinced that it’s right. I’m sure they have their reasons.”

Do you know what they are?

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