Merry W.S. Day!


I said, “Merry W.S. Day! Are you ready for W.S. Day? Bought all your presents, hung all your finery, decorated your W.S. tree?

“Are you crazy?”

Certainly not!

“Well, then, what’s all this W.S. Day stuff?

What we would have if there had been no birth in Bethlehem of a Savior. Actually, without the name—what we do have in effect at what we call “Christmas.”

“Oh. I get it. But what’s the W.S. business all about?”

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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly?

And Santa as a jolly old man with his elves?

Crazy stuff!

But how did it ever get hold of the incarnation?

It’s been one of the most successful ploys that the evil one has ever attempted. The goal? Obviously to distract us from the real thing. After all, who doesn’t want to be jolly?

But forget the diversion and distraction issue…let’s consider “jolliness” for a moment (If there is such a word). I’m not sure how a Brit responds to such sayings as those above in which the word jolly appears. He uses the word in other contexts, on non-Christmas occasions—for us Americans, the term seems to be reserved almost exclusively for Christmas. For the Brits, the word plays an intensive role: like when they say, “Have a jolly good time.”

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Once a Year?

“Sure wish Christmas would come more than once a year!”

Do you really?

“Yep, as you always say.”

You know it only came once—at Bethlehem.

“Well, yeah . .. .but . .. .”

I know what you mean, but it’s strange how we want “it” more than once. When you say that, the question becomes, “What is it that you want to happen more often? Christ’s birth?” Or . . .

“OK. You’re right. I was thinking of all of the other things.”

Right. We have a background that it’s hard to alter, isn’t it?

“We do.”

But I wasn’t saying what I said to fuss at you; I wanted to make an important point.

“What’s that?”

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Merry Xmas!

“Oh cm’on! Why would you use that pagan greeting?”

What do you mean?

“Jesus isn’t an X!”

Of course He isn’t, and neither is the greeting what you seem to think it is either.

“Tell me more. I thought X stands for “unknown” or something like that. Why apply it to Jesus?”

Let me straighten you out. . .

“Go ahead.”

If you let me.

“I said, ‘Go ahead.’ And it had better be good!”

OK. Here’s the scoop. The supposed X isn’t an X at all. . .

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