Our Resurrection Body

The resurrection is not the raising of the body as we now know it; rather, what will be raised will be a deathless and incorruptible body.  You will be the same person raised in a newly-constructed body. It is what Scripture distinguishes from a natural body by calling it a “spiritual” body. That doesn’t mean ghostly, but a body fit for living in the spiritual world. Jesus’ body, with which ours will correspond (Philippians 3) was able to eat, demonstrating its substantial quality—having flesh and bones, ye it also possessed other capacities unknown to us at present. Jesus raised body—was capable of wondrous feats, such as rising into the air at His ascension. Ours will do the same at the second coming of Christ when we rise to meet and escort Him back as an honor guard.

The spiritual body will by ours—not someone else’s; we, as believers, will at death, continue existence w/o a body, but with the expectation of the day when we are clothed with the new body that God will give us.

For more details, see I Corinthians 15, which is the resurrection passage, par excellence.


There are many persons who do, regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

“Who do what?”

Question the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Oh. Yeah, I’ve met person after person who has such doubts.”

Well, why do you think they doubt the data presented?

“Don’t know—why?”

Largely, I suspect, because they have never examined those data.

“Think so?”

Yep. If you asked them “Where are the places in the Bible where witnesses declare that He was raised from the dead?”, they probably couldn’t turn to one of them. They don’t examine facts; they accept gossip.

“Easy to do that, I admit.”

Do you know where to turn?

“Uh . .. In one of Paul’s letters?”

Correct! Know which?

“I though you’d ask that. No!”

I wonder how many of those reading this blog could find biblical witnesses to the resurrection?

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“To rise, stand up again!” That’s what the word means. Tired, worn out bodies, those that are crippled, bodies that cannot rise to get off of a bed, bodies that return to dust! They will rise again!

Only when they do, though numerically the same, they will not be like the old body at all. The believer’s new body will be perfect, without defect, full of life and vigor, never again to experience the ravages of sin, never to die again!

I cannot fathom what such a body will be like! It is far beyond anything in our present experience. I cannot describe it.

But there is one fact that I do know—when we get them, our bodies will be like “His glorious body.” His body had new powers, was indestructible, and even fit for heaven where it now resides on the throne of the universe!

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