The Last Two Chapters

“What’s the world coming to?” Ever heard that one?

Of course. By the way, what is the world coming to?

It’s coming to an end—that is, the world as we now know it.

What does it mean to come to an end? Will everything go out of existence?

No. No. I said “the world as we know it.” Always look for qualifying words.

OK. OK. I will. But what do you mean?

I mean that according to the book of II Peter, God will melt things down, burning up man’s filth that he leaves behind. He will then refashion out of the molten elements a new world “where righteousness is at home.”

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The Fool

In a previous blog (q.v.) I pesented one reason why the atheist is a “fool,” as the Psalmist said (Ps. 14:1): to know that God doesn’t exist, one would have to be God—in which event, he would cease denying His own existence.

Let me here mention something else about Christopher Hitchens and, on a lower level, people like Bill Marr.

The Psalmist says that the Fool “says in his heart, there is no God.” Notice those words, “in his heart.” By divine revelation, the Psalmist knows what the real person is like—he is a fraud. Out in the public he trumpets his disbelief. This gets him a hearing from his crowd. But in ‘his heart,” he has doubts and fears and has to keep telling himself that God doesn’t exist. If he wasn’t incessantly reassuring himself of what he knows is unknowable, he would fall apart in public.

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An Upset Apostle!

Paul was so upset that he didn’t bother to begin his letter to the Galatians with the usual salutation. Instead he jumped right into the fray with all four feet!

What could have upset him so greatly?

Simply this—people were leading the Galatian church(s) astray about the Gospel itself!

Now that’s enough to fire us all up when we see or hear of it happening. Right?

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Believe it—or not?

Some people add to the Gospel various sorts of works. Preeminently, these have to do with baptism and union with a particular church.

Both ideas are fallacious.

First, let it be clear that Paul was saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit before he was baptized (Acts 9:17,18) or joined the church. Try to get them to admit that! Moreover, he was designated a “brother” before baptism or church membership (See also Acts 9:26). Try to get any of them to call you “brother” if you aren’t a member of their group! I have, and failed.

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