The WHY of Blogging

Why am I bothering to blog? Not because I think that I have all that much to say, but because I think that I have something, however insignificant, to say. It’s in a few large areas, so there’s a lot to talk about in those venues. And I intend to talk about those issues until I’ve exhausted them (or myself).

Then, of course, I enjoy a bit of satire, humor, and the like—although I don’t pretend to be an expert at it. But I do intend to have some fun while writing about mostly serious matters. Why must the two be separated?

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There Are Reasons

There are reasons why we don’t blog in the true sense of the word. We’re not interested in having to monitor and clean up the garbage that can accumulate when you do. Our columns are ours; not a place for anyone to express any old opinion. We have responded to some of those who have written us with thoughtful inquiries, or who have made insightful comments. We even appreciate considered differences. We can learn too. So there are, now and then, useful interchanges. We like it that way.

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