Interesting Results

Well, this has been both a profitable exercise and a failed experiment. First, the survey results have been most instructive and we are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to respond. We will be leaving the survey up throughout the weekend so if you have not yet responded please help us out and do so. I will share some of the results next week.

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The failed experiment has been opening up “comments.” You will note that we have not posted any as it seems leaving the door open has let the bugs in. I did not know spam bots were out there searching for blogs. So far I have learned where I can obtain pharmaceuticals which will make me smart, energetic, lose weight, grow hair, more virile, less sad, and even smell better. I have learned that I have won three different Irish lotteries and that there are at least seven different widows of Nigerian bankers who want to give me money. Then, of course, there are all those who have an ax to grind with Dr. Adams about psychology and their various “mental illnesses.”

So, we will leave the comments turned off and continue to provide a “feedback” link at the end of each posting. We will receive your e-mails that way without the hassle of plowing through all the spam.

Finally, it seems I had misunderstood where Jay was headed this week. I received the folllowing from him earlier today:

Cabin in the north woods?  Only wish it were so!

I’m stuck in a motel-type room studying the book of Zechariah all day long in Gatlinburg TN while Betty Jane works away for three days in painting classes. The chairs afford little better sitting comfort than an old, hard, board.  The food is abysmal (sausage biscuits are the highlight!) and there isn’t even a fridge in the room.

Don’t you believe all you read. Donn sure heard me wrongly.

But the study is coming well – in spite of everything.  And the preliminary painting I’ve seen looks good.


It’s all worthwhile.

Take Our Survey

Jay and Betty Jane are taking a brief mountain cabin vacation where he will be out of internet range for a few days. While he is away refreshing his blogging pen I thought I would take the opportunity to do some data gathering and try to get a better picture of who exactly our audience is. Would you help us by investing a few minutes in our brief, ten-question survey? We will leave this page and the survey link up through the weekend.

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I am also going to turn on the “comments” feature through the weekend and invite you to leave your comments about our blog, the Institute for Nouthetic Studies, and about Dr. Adams.

Blogs and Bloggers

Blogs! What are they all about? Let me make a few suggestions. They are places where people express their concerns.

  1. The concern may be self-oriented: “Here I am! Let me tell you all about myself.” I understand that’s  that sort of thing appears more often on Facebook.
  2. The concern may be cause-oriented: “Listen to this, get on board, and help us bring it off!”
  3. The concern may be to blow off steam or otherwise voice one’s opinions.
  4. The concern may be occasion-oriented: “I’m responding to this so that you’ll know the truth.”
  5. The concern may be God-oriented: The Lord saves people; are you one he has saved? If not let may explain how you may be saved (for information see archives). If you are saved, here’s something from the Scriptures that I hope will be profitable to you. Here it is; hope it’s a blessing to you.”

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It’s the name that I’m copyrighting for the brief interpersonal format that I frequently use in composing blogs. I didn’t copy write the word “Nouthetic” when I coined it and, ever since, all sorts  of wild things, using that tag but having little or no resemblance to what I intended by the term, have appeared under that label on the internet and elsewhere. So I hope to preserve the purity of the term DIABLOG.Let me give you an example. . .

“It seems to frustrate you when people misuse the word “nouthetic” incorrectly, I gather.”

Yeah!  I mean, “No!”

“Which is it?”

It’s not all that easy to explain.  But let me try. To do so will itself illustrate my point. You see, our language is filled with blame-shifting words and constructions. The situation is so bad that it’s hard to speak without using them. As sinners, we’ve discovered all sorts of ways of excusing ourselves from our sin by our language. That’s what I did when I almost agreed that the wrong use of “nouthetic” frustrates me.

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A website worthwhile visiting . . .

I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen it, but it’s worth looking at. On the website, Gairney Bridge, you can look at a video of a modern idol, the editor entitled “Dagon,” actually falling! There is little information about the incident, but one would assume that the incident occurred in a Roman Catholic Church. “Mary” lost her head and her halo! If there are those who think that there’s no idolatry going on in America today, then this is the site to visit. You’ll change your mind.

The futility of idol worship, as it is pictured in the Scriptures is plain. The foolishness of it is exhibited in places where the same man who carves an idol, then takes the wood left over and burns it in order to warm himself (Isaiah 44:15). Then, having finished his work, he bows down to it, as if it were a god. The “Dagon reference in the website presentation is to the Canaanite fish god that the Lord toppled in Old Testament times. It would be interesting to know something of the reason why, in His providence, God again toppled an image of this  particular church in our day.

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Thanks, but No Thanks

Why do you conceal your email address from the general public?

For the same reason I’m sorry that I gave it to some who are now abusing it.

How is it that some people think that what they are interested in is also of interest to others? How is it that they think, therefore, that they must clutter the in-boxes of others with their daily offerings—clever sayings, poetry, regular blog-like essays, etc.? I’m not questioning the motives of those who write. I’m sure that they have the noblest of intentions. And, now and then, the material they send is very interesting. However . . .

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Got a Reason?

Why are you looking at this blog?

Out of curiosity? Because you hope there will be something to help you counsel now and then? Since you’re bored? Because you hope we’ll discuss doctrine?


Perhaps you just blundered onto us. Good—read the previous article on providence.

Possibly you’re thinking of enrolling in the course. Good—contact Donn at

Possibly because someone said, “Take a look at the crazy stuff they put on there.”

Whatever the reason, Hello! We welcome you to return regularly.

Bad Poetry

Message from Adams to Arms:



Message from Arms to Adams:

There once was a blogger named Jay,

Who was burdened with so much to say.

      But to his chagrin

      Few could begin

To read all he could write in one day!