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Dr. Adams preached last Sunday at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. You can listen to his message on our website or download it as a podcast.

I am pretty much recovered from my heart attack and now am working on losing weight, eating right, and all that good stuff. We have appreciated all the prayer and expressions of concern. Thank you!

We are negotiating a new lease on our offices that will lock in our great deal for many more years to come. Please pray that we will be able to close the deal during the coming week.

The annual NANC conference will be October 5-7 in Spartanburg—about a half hour from our office. We are planning to hold an open house at our office on Sunday afternoon, October 4 from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. Plan to stop by and let us give you the tour!

Classes at RBCTI, here in South Carolina, begin on September 14. Call the church office at (864) 574-1661 to register.


Competent to Counsel

Are you competent to counsel? The question is not irrelevant either to pastors, elders or laymen. All believers should counsel.

It’s true that, informally, this is a task of every Christian (Colossians 3:16; Romans 15:14), as he encounters a brother caught in sin (Galatians 6:1). And it is the task of an elder to formally counsel the members of the flock by virtue of his office (I Thessalonians 5:11, 12). All believers are required to counsel.

The word “counsel” may not appear in your version in these verses, but where they translate “admonish,” or some similar word, the term is noutheteo, which, in Paul’s usage, means “to counsel.”

Now, if you are deficient in your ability to counsel, know that you are, and want to do something about it, I encourage you to consider the program that INS offers on this website. I know of no other program—let alone a distant learning program—that offers so many hours of training. Moreover, you can be certain that the instruction you will receive is truly Nouthetic. I say that because you can no longer be sure that this is so just because someone uses the word. I’ve noticed in recent days that the counseling that some groups offer on the internet, though they may say that they are “Nouthetic,” is as far from being so as pure eclecticism is. Here at INS, however, you can be certain that you’ll receive the real thing.

When I coined the term, I had no idea that Nouthetic Counseling would become a movement with wide-ranging ramifications. So, I didn’t copyright the word. Now, all sorts of people are using it—many of whom, I’m sure, think they’re Nouthetic, but have only a slight understanding of what that means.


  1. don’t come knocking at my door if what was called Nouthetic turns out not to be so—I’ve warned you;
  2. if you want training that’s authentic, then turn in here where we’ll open the door to the genuine article!



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This week we cleaned up another year’s sessions of the counseling training program at our church. The program has been growing and students profiting. I wish you could all take part in it so I could get to know you personally. But I know that’s impossible for most of you who read this blog.

However, I am so glad that INS is making that program available to you wherever you are. There isn’t another program of biblical counseling as robust anywhere that I know about. So, I am not hesitant to invite any of you who can’t attend the program at the church when it begins again in the fall to participate in the distance learning program of INS.

I haven’t talked to Donn about it, but perhaps we could have some sort of gathering of our INS graduates some day so we can get to know you. Donn looks at your pictures every day in his office, and that’s the next best thing to meeting you. But if enough of you think that such a gathering (with some additional instruction, I would hope) is feasible, perhaps you and I could persuade him to put something together some day in the not too distant future.

At any rate, it’s a thought you might think and pray about—and, if you have any suggestions or comments, let’s hear from you.

Thanks for reading.


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Can We Help?

INS exists for one purpose and one purpose only. We may do all sorts of things along with and in an attempt to further and to enhance that purpose. Like offering you this blog. But, still, we have but one purpose:

To serve the Lord Jesus Christ by helping His people help others through biblical counseling.

Think of the parts of that purpose statement:

  1. To serve the Lord Jesus Christ. That, of course, is the life purpose of each of us, as individuals, and therefore, of all that we do.
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Is All Help Truly Help?

You want to help people? Good. What are you doing to prepare yourself to do so?

The question is an important one because there are too many out there who don’t know how to help other Christians to solve their problems God’s way. They offer advice which they can’t even pretend to have biblical roots. They suggest whatever seems best to them—or what they have learned in some psychology class years ago.

This sort of thing is going on all over the Christian world. And it needs to be remedied.

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There Are Reasons

There are reasons why we don’t blog in the true sense of the word. We’re not interested in having to monitor and clean up the garbage that can accumulate when you do. Our columns are ours; not a place for anyone to express any old opinion. We have responded to some of those who have written us with thoughtful inquiries, or who have made insightful comments. We even appreciate considered differences. We can learn too. So there are, now and then, useful interchanges. We like it that way.

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Relax and Smell the . . . Soup!

Well, it’s time to relax a bit. We’ve sent out a batch of thought-provoking (provoking, anyway) posts, and now it will be interesting to sit back for a while and see what sorts of responses we get to them. Already, some interesting ones have been received. If we think that they have merit, they will often call forth a response from us in terms of another new blog or so.

Noodle soup will be gone until next winter now. Something to look forward to, though far off enough that you’d think it would be forgotten. Not on your life! It’s too great a treat to ever forget. If I’m still blogging, next year at this time I’ll report again about it you can be sure.

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