It’s so easy not to say thank You!
__The trouble has past,
__the sorrows have fled
__the pain has left.
There is joy, peace, relief
__once more,
__and my mind tends to forget
__its former misery.
But, Lord,
__I will remember.
__With my lips
__I will praise You
__from the heart.
You have heard my cry,
__You have answered my prayer,
__and I am grateful.
______________Thank You,
___________in Christ my Savior,


Lord, I’m sick, really sick!
I don’t know what
__to say or do:
My mind isn’t very clear—
__I can’t think straight.
I put myself into Your hands,
__asking that You will
__help me get well,
__keep me from frustration,
__from worrying about things.
Let me rest peacefully,
__knowing that You—
__do all things well.
And by my behavior
__help me even now
__to honor Your Son,
_____________in Whose Name
________________I pray,


Father, I pray,
__take into your family
__this lonely wanderer
__who can call no place, home,
__whose life has no meaning,
__who knows nothing of Your family fellowship.
Help me, by both life and lip
__to show love in my heart,
__to testify to present joys
__and future expectations
__that so graciously have been given
__to us who belong to Your family circle.
Father, may nothing I do or say
__reflect negatively upon our family Name;
__may I turn no on from Jesus Christ.
Rather, use me, if You will,
__to speak clearly
__of sin and salvation,
__to offer meaning and purpose
__in forgiveness and faith.
Father, I pray,
__save this guilty, alienated sinner
__for Yourself,
__opening wide the door
__to Your earthly household of faith,
__and, at length,
__the heavenly home itself,
__prepared from all eternity.
________I ask this for Your Son’s sake,


Ah, tonight I shall sleep
__and sleep well.
__By Your strength, Lord,
__this day
__I have accomplished something
It was hard work,
__and I am spent.
__Sleep will come swiftly
__and will be sweet.
Other nights I have tossed and turned
__after failing
__to expend mobilized energies
__on productive labor for You.
__In the morning
__I was more exhausted
__than the night before.
__But not tonight!
Thank you God
__for wisdom and power
__to know and do what was required.
__Surely it was Your Spirit
__Who made it possible
__to accomplish anything good at all.
__Yet, graciously, You have given me
__not only knowledge and strength
__but the satisfaction and joy
__that accompany
__a job well done.
To You be the honor, the
__thanks and the praise.
_____________In Christ Jesus,
_______________Your Son,


What hurts so much
__is that there is nothing
__I can do about it—
__but pray.
But why should my weakness
__frustrate me this way?
You, mighty God, are able,
You, loving Lord, are willing
__to answer
__the longings of my heart.
It’s only pride
__that makes me angry
__and gloomy
__over my own inability.
Why shouldn’t I rather rejoice
__over every occasion
__on which Your power
__is manifested
__in my weakness?
Forgive me, cleanse me from sin.
__Help me, with joy,
__to rely on Your strength,
__wait for Your reply
__rest in Your wisdom.
Teach me to be glad
__when all I can do
__is pray.
________________In Christ’s Name,


Prayer, O Lord, is difficult for me;
__I find it easy to avoid—
__or simply forget.
I cannot account for this
__on any other ground
__than my own sin;
__far too often I have depended
__on my own wisdom and strength.
Because I have worked at prayer
__as I have at other tasks,
__my love for You
__has not been what it should.
But I do love You Lord!
__You know that better than I.
I shall take up my pen
__and ask
__that by the discipline of my hand
__You will train my heart to pray.
Help me to persevere
__until my lips daily offer
__sacrifices of praise
__pleasing and acceptable you You.
I want to love You more
__and, in Your Spirit’s strength,
__serve You well.
So, warm my heart;
__keep it from growing cold again
__O Lord, my Strength
__and my Redeemer.
_________I pray for Christ’s sake,

“Let’s Pray About It”

Probably said thousands of times a week by Christians around the world when facing a problem or question without a present answer. Is it the right response?

It’s not wrong to pray about a matter, of course.  But prayer is often used as a substitute for the hard work of studying God’s Word to discover the facts needed. Prayer doesn’t automatically “work” in solving problems. Christians need to learn this fact.

Moreover, when God has already answered a question or given directions, why should we want to shortcut the process of discovering what that answer is by simply praying about it? Should we expect God to tell us individually the answer we seek, when He has already done so in His Word?

But there is something “mystically” special to some people about prayer. They think of prayer as more spiritual that Bible study! There’s the heart of the matter. Is it superior? Both are from God each has its place, but prayer is no substitute for hard study to find out truth.

Indeed, here is one to think about: Why would our words (prayer) be considered superior, more spiritual, etc., to God’s Word (in Scripture)? Isn’t what He says far more important than what you hasve to utter?


Here I wait—again!
__Waiting used to be so hard
__because of my impatience.
__But Lord I am learning
__to fit my schedule to Yours.
There are times though, Lord,
__when I still want what I want
__when I want it;
__and I am upset
__when it doesn’t come.
Help me through today’s lesson
__to learn that impatience with others
__amounts to nothing less
__than impatience with You—
__and that is sin.
Teach me, O God of providence,
__always to want what You want
__for me
__when You think it best
__for me to have it.
And may I also learn—
__by waiting—
__both Your peace
__and the joys of discovering
__that (otherwise) I would miss,
______________for His sake,


“Unbearable,” did I say?
__I take it back, Lord;
__Forgive me for staining my lips
__with the world’s language.
What I mean is
__it hurts—it hurts a lot,
__and I am having difficulty
__bearing up.
But I know
__You won’t test me
__beyond my ability
__to face pain
__Your way.
And in time—Your time—
__You have promised
__to bring relief.
__That expectation alone
__helps immensely.
Help me also to remember
__that others have endured successfully
__among whom, principally,
__was my Savior Himself,
__Who bore all I am undergoing
__—and much more.
__It is He Who sets pain’s limits.
I must try to understand
__something of the pain He suffered
__for me.
__That opportunity makes it all worthwhile
__But there is more in this for me.
__As at no other time I look forward
__to the new body I shall receive,
__a body weighed down
__with everlasting glory.
As I see this
__suddenly, thankfully,
__I realize—by comparison—
__my pain
__is but a temporary, light affliction
__that I can endure
___________for my Savior’s sake,


It isn’t more information that I need
__to solve the problem that I face.
Nor have I failed to please You
__because I lack the faith
__to do what You command.
Indeed, my knowledge of Your will
__far exceeds
__the practice of my life;
And with but faith
__the size of a mustard seed
__I could do wonders—
__if I only would.
Keep me, then, from these
__or other like excuses, Lord,
__I pray.
What then, is my difficulty?
__Why am I struggling still
__and not succeeding?
I confess the truth,
__openly, plainly and without reserve.
The difficulty
__is my unwillingness to obey—
__to do what You want me to do,
__to move ahead in faith,
__in the face of feelings or fears!
That’s it, Lord—my problem
__is simple disobedience.
Forgive me, God; I admit my sin
__and commit myself anew to obedience
__through Jesus Christ, my Lord,