No Resistance at All

Tonight will be my first trip outside of the home since I fell. I have to go to the WCF class and teach for two hours. It will be interesting to see just how well I can do with this walker-and-car combination, especially since I won’t be able to get a shoe/sandal on the right foot. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It’s time to talk about the fourth point in the new spiritual gourmet Tulipburger—“irresistible grace” (see previous posting). Not a good caption for the doctrine, but it fits the TULIP mnemonic device. It seems to say that people who are converted are dragged kicking and screaming into the fold.

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Limited Atonement

All Christians believe in limited atonement.

“No,” you say. “I don’t.”

Oh? Well, let’s see. Do you believe that God has the desire for all to be saved?


Do you believe He has the power to save all men?

“Of course.”

Then, why aren’t all saved?

“Because some won’t believe.”

So, He limited His own power to save on the basis of man’s willingness to believe?

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Get on the Ball

Some time ago I wrote about the Tulipburger—the five points of the Reformed theology—each of which I likened to part of a burger. You can look it up in the archives. More recently, I began to take these points up one by one, with an article on total depravity. Today—if you’ll be so kind as to allow me to do so—I’d like to consider number two: unconditional election.

When we were kids, we’d often get up a game of baseball to play on the back lot. To do so, you’d gather a bunch together and then “choose up sides.” Depending on who won the toss of the coin, the “manager” who won, would choose the best player first. After that, choices would be made down the line to the one who was the poorest player. You remember how that worked, don’t you—especially, if you were either the best or the worst?

Well, choosing players is an example of conditional election. Each was chosen because of his abilities—something foreseen in him that would affect the manager’s choice.

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Total Depravity and Noodle Soup

Oh well, the night’s coming on. Lots of snow disappeared today, but by no means all. Had to cancel a lunch tomorrow with a friend. Hoping I’ll be able to be driven to the WCF (Westminster Confession) class Thursday night. Possibly. Still using walker, but feeling better—less pain and weakness in leg, ankle and knee.

I enjoyed some more soup tonight; sorry, unless you come early tomorrow, there won’t be a bit left. Betty made a huge pot full. Mmmmmm! Just as good as yesterday!

Yes, we do believe in total depravity.

How is that possible when there is such a thing as homemade noodle soup? Well, if you truly understand the doctrine, you’ll see that the two are compatible.

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