A Note to Our Students

Perhaps I should contact you more often.  But there is little to say that I haven’t already said on the disks that you are watching. But, perhaps, a word of encouragement is what some of you need.

Life is full of activities—God has designed things that way; so that’s good! But it does mean that if you are going to do anything worthwhile that takes time and effort, you probably must schedule your work. If you’re having trouble finding time, then you must look for it—it’s there.  We all have 24 hours a day—it just depends on how we cut the pie!

Notice JESUS HAD A SCHEDULE. Often it is pointed out that His hour had not yet come.  But when it did, He said He came for that hour. If Jesus thought it important to set times for what He was doing, don’t you think we might do so too? I suggest that if you’re having some difficulties, that you set aside about two hours at least once a week, and work on the course at hand.

Blessings as you study,


A Note to Our Students

From time to time I like to say a word to you. I really don’t care if others who are not in the program read this or not. But I simply want to let you know that we’re thinking of you, praying for you and expecting great things of you. There are few things that would make us here at INS happier than to hear that more and more of you are out there beginning to make a difference wherever you are helping people to discover how to solve their problems God’s way.

Counselors-to-be, if it were possible, we’d sit down from time to time and talk to you personally about how you are doing, questions you may have, and the like. But with some of you on every continent but Antarctica that’s obviously out of the question. Some day, sooner or later, if it is ever practical, it would be great to hold an international conference of our students and our graduates. It’s not yet time to think about that except in our day-dreaming hours, but—who knows—in one way or another (if God so wills) it could happen.

At any rate. Hang in there, keep on studying, and the Lord bless and use you.


Student Q & A

I was reading Philippians 3 this morning and wondered about the difference between worldly-mindedness and spiritually-mindedness. What is worldly-mindedness anyway? How does it relate to how I treat and talk to others?

Worldly-mindedness is thinking about things the way an unsaved person does. It means thinking horizontally rather than vertically about matters—leaving God out of your thinking. In decision-making you act as if you were God, making your ideas the basis for your decisions. In Isaiah 55, God says that our thoughts are not like His thoughts. We must learn to think God’s thoughts after Him, and act according to them in daily living. They are found, of course, in His Word. You must deal with others according to proper, biblical thinking.


Attention—INS Students, Graduates!

I just took a look at the archives and I discovered, to my chagrin, that I’ve been neglecting you. So, in order to compensate for this thoughtless, unconscionable, unnecessary, neglect I have decided to introduce a new feature into my blogging—i.e., to say, if you agree.

“A new feature? If I agree?” you may be thinking.

Yes, just so.

Here, in essence is what it will be. Once a month I shall select from statements, questions, counseling cases—or whatever you decide to send to Donn at the feedback link below—an item to which I shall give special treatment in a blog. Your agreement will be signaled by your submissions.

“But will you put my . . .”

Of course not! I wouldn’t think of putting your name in the blog—unless, of course, you request me to do so.

So, think about it. Come up with a submission, and we’ll begin this month if any come in. It will be great to hear from you!


To All Potential Nouthetic Counselors

Hello! Believer, let me greet you in the Name of Christ, in Whose cause we serve!

In this short article I’m interested in telling you something about why you should become a full-fledged Nouthetic Counselor, and something about what counseling will be like. There is much in other parts of this website that explain what Nouthetic Counseling is, what our program offers and how you may go about becoming a part of it. Therefore, those are matters that I shall not consider.

If you truly believe that the Bible is the written Word of God—as much His Word as if you heard Him speak it, then you should be interested in Nouthetic Counseling. If you believe that, for a wide variety of reasons, many of your fellow Christians are in dire trouble, from which they are not extricating themselves, you ought to be interested in Nouthetic Counseling. If you think that the church is severely weakened by these Christians who are so caught up in their own problems that they have little time or gumption to fight the wars of the Lord, then you probably will be interested in Nouthetic Counseling. If you care for the church, the body of Christ, as God’s precious possession, and are saddened at the psychologizing of it’s preaching and counseling, then you will be interested in Nouthetic Counseling. Continue reading

A Word to Our Graduates


I recently learned that in the few short years the INSTITUTE has been in existence, we have already graduated over fifty students from our full time 160-hour course. Congratulations!

From time to time we hope to be contacting you with information, suggestions, general thoughts, and the like. Today, let me say a word about how to get started. Just in case you haven’t yet been able to begin counseling and were wondering how to begin, here are five suggestions: Continue reading