Ever Write a Book?

Most people haven’t, so, perhaps you haven’t heard the one most common piece of advice all authors give.

“What’s that?”

Simply this: “Revise, revise and revise.

“Interesting for authors, I suppose; but why mention it to me?”

Because, in a very important sense you are writing a book.

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The WHY of Blogging

Why am I bothering to blog? Not because I think that I have all that much to say, but because I think that I have something, however insignificant, to say. It’s in a few large areas, so there’s a lot to talk about in those venues. And I intend to talk about those issues until I’ve exhausted them (or myself).

Then, of course, I enjoy a bit of satire, humor, and the like—although I don’t pretend to be an expert at it. But I do intend to have some fun while writing about mostly serious matters. Why must the two be separated?

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Rumors, Rumors!

Now, let’s get it straight—there’s nothing to the rumor.

“What rumor?”

The rumor that I’ve decided to stop writing Greg Dawson books. Nothing of the sort. Two are published, three more are completed and I‘m, working on the last. But all of that is temporarily on hold until the intervening volumes are first published.

“Is that so? I heard another rumor too.”

What’s that?

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For Sale!

That’s exactly what you’d find at the head of this column if things weren’t the way that they are.

“What would be for sale?”

A brand-new Gateway laptop computer (m series) that quit on me this past week—that’s what!

“Well, why don’t you sell it?”

Because, in many respects, I like it and have become used to it. And . . . because the initial warranty is still good. But I’m having to use a borrowed, outdated computer, with a second-rate program to write this, and not being wireless, I must then put this posting on a flash drive, carry it over to my desktop computer, and then send it off. Whew!

“Why not start with the desktop?”

Good question. I can give a good answer, but it would involve speaking about physical matters that an 80-year old must endure, so I’m not tellin.’

Only one thing is needful—pray that the company won’t be forever in repairing it or go out of business as did the store from which I bought it, and—that it will be better than it was from the start (it always was temperamental).



Don’t You Have Anything Better To Do . . .

than write blogs?”As a matter of fact . . . No! I do have other things to do—write books, teach locally, study. But, then, those things have their place. I can listen to good music (but that doesn’t keep me from blogging at the same time—I’m a multitasker, you see).

“Well, how do you spend your leisure time?”

Let’s see . . . I watch a little TV. Very little. I talk to people from time to time over lunch, and well . . . I, uh . . . I blog!

“I see. Don’t you expect to run out of stuff to blog about?”

If I run out . . . I run out. It’s that simple. I’m not a newspaper columnist who has to produce every day or lose his job. I don’t think Donn’s about to fire me yet!

I’ve told you in another posting why I like to blog. I won’t repeat that here. But I will say this—I couldn’t enjoy it more if I were paid to do it!

“Do you have any objectives in blogging?”

Two: to have a little fun with the reader; to render a little help here and there.

“I see. Anything else you want to say?”

Just this: if you have anything in particular that you’d like me to blog about, write Donn. I promise two things: I’ll read your request; but I’ll not blog about it unless it meets my fancy.



A Further Note on Garamond

I wrote some time ago (Typefaced) about the betrayal by Vista—how they had substituted Calibri (bold) for New Times Roman—remember? And I also explained my quest for a good old typeface to replace both. Well, as I said in that place, I decided to go with good old Garamond because it was the font that Cambridge University Press used to print their Bibles—the ones that didn’t crack in the spine like the old Oxford University Press ones did. Surely, you remember this serious discussion that we had a few weeks back.

I have since done some further investigation—Cambridge University Press not only used Garamond, but also used Clarendon. And, like Garamond, it is a delicately formed typeface that affords quick and easy reading, but also doesn’t use an inordinate amount of ink from the ink cartridge when you print with it. The trouble is, not only that Vista, but also no other operating system that I have investigated (it hasn’t been a vast search, I’ll grant you) seems to offer it to you. Continue reading


When switching over to Vista (I’m still wondering whether or not that was a wise move), I discovered that the default typeface was no longer New Times Roman—the one I had palled around with for so many years. It was disconcerting to see my old friend disappear from the scene. Instead, I was suddenly confronted by a new and strange looking face, staring me in the face! Who in the world had ever heard of, or seen in public, such a thing as “Calibri (bold)?” Whatever possessed a person, with such a name, to force it upon an unsuspecting typeface that, in turn, would be foisted upon an unsuspecting public? To try to get used to this sans serif supplanter was bad enough. This Jacob, who stole the birthright from good old NTR, disturbed me more and more, until I sat down and thought about it—why? Why, indeed, should I become so frustrated with this interloper? It just didn‘t make sense. Continue reading


Just a word or two about writing.  Since I’ve been able to do a great deal of writing in my life, I thought I’d pass along one suggestion that may help if you are one who has always wanted to write but didn’t know how to get started.  Continue reading