Cloud formations seem as varied as snowflakes.

But, then again, even identical twins aren’t really identical; there’s always variation. It seems everything God made is that way.

Man is interested in uniformity when manufacturing; God in diversity when creating.

Interesting thought—is there a real difference in man’s and God’s way in this respect as in so many others?

Hard to say, but one thing is certain—man can’t even begin to think of the infinite number of items that God has created. Let alone visualize them. Take the universe—all of the planets, stars, galaxies—there is so much variety it’s hard to imagine!

Man is so small; God is so great.

Dwarfs one’s imagination, doesn’t it?

Good thing it does—we need to be taken down a peg or two, don’t we? After all, humility isn’t a sinner’s best trait! 



Cruising with Jay Adams

Yes, that’s right. Our friend, Joe Propri, and the Biblical Counseling Institute in Garrettsville, Ohio is hosting a Western Caribbean Cruise and, health permitting, Jay Adams is scheduled to be the featured speaker. This will be a rare opportunity to hear Jay in person and enjoy some fellowship with others who share your interest in biblical counseling. The dates are January 23-28, 2010. Follow these links for more details on the BCI website or a downloadable pdf file with complete details.

Play Ball!

It’s dusk outside as I write. There’s something about dusk that makes me nostalgic. As a kid, it was the time when you got those last bits of play under your belt before you were called into the house for the evening.

You kept throwing that ball until you could hardly see it coming. You missed more than you caught. When you were finally afraid you’d lose it, you reluctantly quit playing ball.

After supper, and nightfall, if it was decent weather, you sat on the front porch and watched the lamplighter with this little ladder ascend and light the gas lights.

It is a nostalgic moment, not to be repeated.

But now, I live in the dusk period of life. I still have the desire to play ball until it’s no longer possible to do so. So far, I haven’t reached the stage when I’m losing too many balls. So, as long as possible, I intend to keep throwing and receiving them.

One day the lamplighter will fail to come and it will be time to hand in my glove. But right now, I’m, still in the game, so—

“Let’s play ball!”

Blackberry Winter

Can you believe that all of a sudden in the middle of 80+ degree weather we are suddenly hit with a bone-chilling day?

I never heard anyone say it before, but tonight when I was commenting on this at RBCTI (see comments elsewhere in the website about what this is)—as I was going to say, before I interrupted myself—one of the students said. “Blackberry Winter!”

Now, I’ve heard about Indian summer before—in fact, there’s a blog somewhere in the files on it—but Blackberry Winter? That’s a new one on me. But, having just devoured a bowl of huge blackberries the other day, I can see how it fits.

Betty said that she had heard about it in one of Jan Karon’s books. But though we read all of them together, I just can’t remember hearing it. So, I’m re-informed, and glad for it. I like the expression!


I don’t have to do it often, but I’ll be cooking for myself for four days next week when Betty takes a class in portrait painting. Her painting is the more important factor, of course, but my cooking is the more interesting one.

Let’s see. One day I’ll be able to meet with a friend and go to Demeter’s, an excellent Greek restaurant in Woodruff. Woodruff is a little city not too far from our home. Donn and I meet there so often to eat and discuss matters, that we affectionately call it “our boardroom.”

Well, what of the other meals? I’ve got a couple of frozen food packets in the freezer, and the rest is up to me. Haven’t laid any other plans yet. All ideas welcomed!

I can boil water; I can fry an egg—or even poach it. But do you have any slick ideas for a non gourmet four-day-bachelor’s cooking?

It All Pans Out!

Well, I’m not sure how this is all going to pan out, but I know one thing—it will pan out.

“What will pan out?”

I just told you—this.

“This what?”

This or that—what has to pan out. Whatever you’re talking about.

“What do you mean by panning out anyway?”

I think that the expression comes from panning for gold. You know shaking gold laden water around in a pan. When it pans out you get some.


Well, you see as a Christian—everything in the long run always pans out. We’re in it for the gold. And, thankfully, life is not uncertain like it was for those who panned for gold in “them thar hills” (which were in N.W. Georgia).

Weather or Whether?

Well, it’s here!

“Now what are you talking about?”

Summer weather (in the 80s).

“Why do you always keep talking about the weather?”

Don’t know. . . come to think about it. . . . There, I thought! I like to talk about the weather because it reminds me of the changing times of our lives. You never know whether the forecast will be correct or not. You have to swing with it—whatever the weather turns out to be like. In one sense that’s like life itself.

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Cartoonist Clowney

Cartoonists and would-be cartoonists, have much in common. Their minds run along different lines. They all have a disposition for the frivolous. I know, because as a youngster, before I was saved, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I took an art minor course in High School, spent lunch hours using art equipment that was not at other times available, and bought books and studied art.

Edmund Clowney, past president of Westminster East, had also been a would-be cartoonist. From the artwork he did from time to time, I think he’d probably have been a better one than I. But that’s beside my point. From time to time, he and I spoke about our common interest in the subject, so He knew of my interest.

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PREDICTION (non-inspired): By, or before, the year 2015 there will be a full-blown new liberalism growing out of the evangelicalism of today.

I don’t know what fancy flag it will sail under. But, doubtless, it will get one—possibly one that sounds intriguing so as to dupe unsuspecting conservative preachers into its ranks. That part I make no predictions about.

But, if I am anywhere near correct, the new liberalism will come. At the moment, it is growing rather impressively among many “scholars” who, it would seem, want to impress one another, and the liberals, with their wide range of thought—often so wide as to include many liberal tenets and exegetical processes within their ever-widening tent.

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The Weather

Well, summer-type weather at last! It hit 75 today.

I hope that the present trend (it’s supposed to be nice for the rest of the week), will continue right into summer itself. As far as I’m concerned, it can stay at 75 forever!

But of course, I don’t live in San Diego—where you’ll find the world’s best weather any time of the year!

So, what can a person do with such good weather?

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