Well, we’re experiencing our annual hatch of ladybugs. They’re good for killing aphids on roses, but can you think of anything else in their favor? Of course, they do look neat slowly travelling nowhere up and down the screens in your windows. But, besides being smaller bug disposal units, I’m stuck with any ideas. Any suggestions?

Now, they also have an ability to find their way into the house—indeed, it’s uncanny! So we have to vacuum them with the hose attachment or shoot them with Office Max GASduster that is really for cleaning you keyboard. Some people pay for shipments of ladybugs to put out into their gardens. Anyone wishing to hand-collect them so we can do so, is welcome to get into the shipping business for such purposes. We have all you could ever want—easy work!

Well, I’ll wait to hear your advice. Thanks ahead of time!



We don’t get it often down here in the South. So this was an exception. It snowed well, leaving about 4 inches on the ground, over which freezing rain and sleet poured down, forming a crust to keep it in place and the prevent it from melting. Moreover, the sun came out only after three days of snow and ice, so little has melted—though the mail roads seem clear. All-in-all, it was the most snow that I’ve seen since I moved South in 1990.

I haven’t heard much complaining. Not only are people taking it in stride (the shelves in the grocery store are empty of bread and milk, as per normal) but they seem to be enjoying it—out there playing in it!

That’s good to see. In God’s providence, He sent it. Therefore, we ought to appreciate it for the good that it does. Of course, there are inconveniencies, and even some accidents due to the snow—but such things occur anyway, though perhaps not so frequently.

Now, what is your take on the snow? Surely you have one.


Happy New Year!

There are political predictions which are both positive and negative, affecting your finances and freedom. Suppose these go well during the coming year. Should that lead to a happy New Year?

On the other hand, suppose all goes sour—far more so than at the present—should that lead to an unhappy New Year for you?

If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has given you (in the long run) only heavenly perfection and eternal bliss to look forward to, should this—despite political and financial circumstances, averse medical and work conditions, and whatever else the coming your way this year—lead to anything other than a happy New Year for as many years as you have left on earth in its present conditions?

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The very mention of the word sends shock waves up spines! For many moderns it describes the great heresy of our day. To think that anyone would dare to hold that one way only is correct, and all others are antithetical to it (and, therefore) wrong, is unthinkable to post moderns. Today, the idea is that everyone has a right to his own “truth” simply because there is no such thing as absolute, universal truth.

To the contrary, Christians believe in such eternal and unchanging truth to the exclusion the views of all other claims by those who boast some sort of relative truth.

How does this look as it is worked out in life?

Quite simply: there is God’s way and, then, all others. And, secondly, all other ways are antithetical to God’s way since He sets forth the claim that His way is the only way.

Now, notice how thoroughly God lays claim to His way of truth. The Old Testament clean/unclean system attests to the fact that God claims to have authority to tell us how to live in every area of life. Many of those things prohibited were seemingly arbitrary (for example mixed materials in a garment. The reason for this is simply to show that God’s way is not to be blended with any other). This system taught one thing primarily: in all of life there are only two ways between which you must two choose: God’s way and all others.

In our time, people are taught to think along a continuum. Continuum thinking dominates the schools, the airwaves—even some pulpits. Everything is along a continuum—there is no right and wrong, good or bad, etc. All is “more or less” something or other. There are no absolutes.

The Bible, quite antithetically I might add, is a Book shot through with antithesis. There is in it good/bad, true/false, heaven/hell, lost/saved, Christians/non-Christians, right/wrong, truth/error, sin/righteousness, the narrow and the broad roads, the wide and strait gates. Look at your Bible carefully and you will discover these and hundreds of other antitheses.

What do these antitheses mean? What I said above—there are but two ways: God’s and all others. People are either for or against Jesus Christ, they are on the one way to the Father, or not.

Now, if your mind is marinated in modern thinking, you will rebel against such assertions. If your thinking is permeated with Bible truth, you will think antithetically. But—and here is he catch—people will object to your views, your assertions and the like, because they have been taught to think on the continuum. Antithetical thinking—which is what you will be doing the more you read and accept the Scriptures—will turn them off. Indeed, it may even infuriate them. But, alas, since all men are turned against God until saved anyway, this is the way that it always has been. It’s important, therefore, to prepare for negative reactions to whatever you affirm about the truth! They will come!

Bird Life in the Church

There isn’t a single thing that the birds at my feeder do to deserve the largess that I bestow on them. I bought the feeders that contain the seed, I continue to buy seed to fill them. My grandson and I take turns filling the feeders. When a feeder needs repair, I repair it. Everything—everything is done for those birds; it’s pure grace!Yet, it’s interesting to see a Dove chasing four others away from the food that falls on the ground as the sloppy eaters (largely Finches) spill it in large quantities. He acts like he owns the territory. Perhaps he thinks he does!

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We deeply appreciate the letters and e-mail that we receive from you, our students, and our readers.

It is particularly encouraging when you write about specific ways in which we have been able to offer suggestions that help you to become more biblically proficient in your counseling.

Occasionally, however, someone may ask for concrete direction about how to proceed in a case in which he or she is involved. As often as possible, we try to drop a line or two that suggests what they might possibly do. But, mostly, because of the lack of data (remember the chapters on that subject in the Christian Counselors’ Manual?) and the lack of time, it is impossible to little more. I know how frustrating to both of us that can be. Yet, people’s lives before God are too important for us to give incorrect or inadequate concrete directions apart from the data and the care necessary to do so.

“Why bother to write, then?” you might ask. Good question. The simple answer is—we are helped exceedingly to know of the service for the Lord in which you are engaged, and the fact that you are confident enough in our ministry to write.

So keep the letters (i.e. e-mail) coming. We’ll answer whenever possible; but don’t expect us to write a book!

Blessings in all you are doing for the Lord—and for His people!


Fourth of July

Is there a fourth of July in England?

“Of course not—that’s our independence from England celebration. What a silly question!”

Not so silly as your answer!

“How so?”

Every country has not only a first, second, third, and also a fourth of July!

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Snow in the South

Well. It snowed after all! Not like it did in the Mid Atlantic States, of course. There, in the D.C. Orbit we’ve come to expect an excess of everything. No. Here it was a gentle snow—just enough for the kids to get off from school and play in. Indeed, it’s the kind of snow everybody enjoys—unless he’s an old grouch!

What happens in the South during a snow (which is so infrequent that it’s a phenomenon)? Generally speaking, you can expect schools to close, businesses to close or operate half a day, and all of the bread and milk to disappear from the shelves of the grocery stores. You can also expect to see cars skidded off the road into a ditch (remember this is but an inch or two of snow we’re talking about). Not knowing how to drive in snow, people gun the motor when skidding or put on the brakes.

It all reminds me of how many Christians handle new problems. Before thinking things through—they take action—sometimes frantic action! What should one do instead?

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OK. So I look at my Google sidebar pad and it says, “SAVE THE 16th.” I’m really happy that it does or I’d probably forget. It works because I look at the screen of my computer most days. If I had a calendar on the desk on which I marked the 16th, I suppose it would work as well—but I doubt it. The computer screams out at me the way that a calendar doesn’t.

Do you need to create helps for yourself so as to remember important things? How about other things than dates? What about one that says, “Have you read and memorized that Proverb today?” Or,“remember to speak to Bill about attending church when you see him later on.” Or . . . you fill in the blank

But those pads enlarge if you don’t think you have room. So you could write all three things just as easily as one.

Reminder pads—how useful. But they are more than that. They are also ways of talking to yourself. You don’t have to scream things to the world to see them. It’s possible to use an abbreviated system of your own that nosey people won’t have the time to figure out. An example? Here’s one”

“Are you ready for y. w’s b. d? Have a g?

Not very difficult to figure out. But I’ll simply leave it to you.