CompassionAs a genuine concern that has been evident for some time in “first generation” writing (even though many critics fail to recognize it) there has been an emphasis on compassion. For instance, my book, Compassionate Counseling (2007, Timeless Texts) I covered 23 different topics related to the matter. I have never seen any “second generationers” quote the book or even refer to it.

Once more, as I pointed out in a previous blog, scholarship seems lacking. Surely, one has no right to claim that there is little or no mention of the subject among Nouthetic counselors when (agree with its sentiments or not) an entire book has been available for so long!

I don’t want to overwork this theme, but I would like to see some admission of failure on the part of those who speak as they do about their supposedly “new” tone! People who are investigating NC for the first time, need to know the facts, not a distortion of them—hence this blog.

Let me put it another way: perhaps it would be fitting to show the so-called first generation counselors a bit more compassion!