God’s Timetable

calandar1Listen to what Isaiah the prophet said (13:23) about mighty Babylon when it seemed to everyone that there was no hope to escape her ruthlessness:

Babylon’s time is almost up; her days are almost over.

God has a timetable! Things in our world—no matter how desperate they seem—are not out of hand. He is waiting to deal with the murderous, destructive forces at work at present until the time He has set to remove those who perpetrate them. When that time comes, He will “give rest” to His people (14:3) and cause them to sing a “song of contempt” (14:4) over those cruel, iniquitous oppressors who now have the ascendency over the just.

Take heart. Wait patiently and prayerfully. Remember, God has a timetable! His calendar may even now be in His hand!


It is possible that the persecution which Christians are enduring in various parts of the world will also, in time, come to the USA.  Mild forms of it are already present in various places. What should we do to be prepared for it? The following verse may be apropos:

. . . we do not give up even though our outer person is being destroyed


. . . our inner person  is being renewed day by day.

How so?

. . . our momentary light affliction is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weight of glory.       2 Corinthians 4: 16-18 (CSB)

The key to this remarkable assertion is a comparison of the affliction with the final glory:

Momentary    —-    eternal

Light    ————    weight

Affliction    ——-    glory

The saint who has this impressed upon his mind at all times—but especially when suffering for the faith—will be able to endure affliction.  God more than matches His response to that what the persecutor dishes out! Indeed, as He says, the two are incomparable. Keeping one’s mind fixed on this fact can make all ot the difference in a time of suffering.