Fussing at Donn

Donn is always so gracious and thoughtful concerning this ole’ man. I don’t want to “fuss at him for mentioning my health,” as he supposed I would. Rather, I want to thank him, and continue to ask for your prayers. Growing old (now 81) has problems, but it also has compensations. Just think—I don’t have to travel to get my message out to you wherever you are. I don’t have to even make any more tapes, though, if I get better—which is possible—I may want to do so. There is already more on tape that we have which is not currently available. One series has to do with preaching. I hope that it is the sort of course that many of you will want to take when it does become available. I think it could be quite helpful. After all, I have been known for teaching counseling, obviously, but not for teaching preaching. Yet, in actual class hours at two seminaries where I taught, the bulk of my instruction was in preaching. Because I thoroughly believe that you can’t rightly separate the one from the other, I have made this series on video, and hope that someday we may have the resources to put it out there as well as our counseling materials.

While I counseled ten hours a day for two days a week for several years, I also pastored churches in which I preached regularly and spent much time thinking about preaching. I also designed and headed a doctoral program in preaching at Westminster Seminary in California, and the lectures that are on tape are part of what was used in that program, though in a somewhat modified and simplified form. At the moment we do not have the resources to make them available to the public, but we hope that someone will eventually make it possible to provide them.

So—fuss at Donn? Far from it. I thank him for the opportunity to discuss these matters and to request your prayers.




This and That

Beginning tomorrow we will be posting, in three parts, a new article written by Dr. Adams which appears in the most recent issue of the Journal of Modern Ministry. I will not comment on it further here other than to say it is a significant article that speaks to some important issues in the biblical counseling movement today. Do not miss it!

The first question I am usually asked when people correspond with me is, “How is Dr. Adams?” The best way I know to answer that is in words similar to those of the Apostle John to Gaius. My wish and prayer would be that his health would be as sound and prosperous as his soul. While Jay has had to significantly cut back on any travel and public speaking engagements he continues to study and write. Please pray with us about his health. Many days he is in continual pain which makes any physical activity very difficult. I know I risk being fussed at for writing about Jay personally but for the sake of those who love Dr. Adams and want to pray for him I’ll take the heat.

God is prospering the Institute these days. We continue to get new students regularly in spite of the fact that we do very little advertising beyond this blog and our website. We are so thankful for the technology that has enabled Jay to have an ongoing teaching ministry to hundreds of students even though he is not able to travel. Be sure to check out our website for complete information about how you can study under Dr. Adams in the comfort of your own home.


Far Above Rubies

hyde-parkFaith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa was the site of two of the greatest accomplishments of my youth. The first was getting the powers that be at FBBC to award me a degree without them realizing how much I still I still had to learn. My second, and greatest accomplishment, was convincing the most beautiful and talented woman on campus to marry me!

This Sunday, May 30, Sandy and I will have been married 35 years and we will be celebrating on a week long cruise. Today, I want to exercise my editorial prerogatives and preempt Jay’s daily posting so I can use this space to “rise up and call her blessed.” I don’t believe I have ever conducted a marriage counseling session when, after dismissing the couple, I did not give thanks to God for His goodness in giving Sandy to me. If I ever publish a study bible I would place a picture of her in the margin next to Proverbs 31.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. I love you!

“This Is the Worst Trip, I’ve Ever Been On”

That was the conclusion of the Beach Boys at the end of their voyage on the Sloop John B, and my conclusion as well after a long anticipated family cruise. Halfway through our Disney cruise my son, Paul, and I both came down with the flu! Paul’s case was so bad they had to pump IV fluids into him. We both were confined to our stateroom, by order of the captain, lest we infected other passengers. I will spare you the gruesome details and simply report that it has been many years since the last time I was this sick.

Happily, we are back on dry land and Paul and I are both recovered. Tomorrow Jay leaves for his cruise during which he will celebrate his 81st birthday (January 30). If you would like to send birthday greetings we have set up a temporary mailbox for you to do so at  Jay@nouthetic.org. Please pray for Jay and Betty Jane as they travel and Jay as he teaches.


Thanks, but No Thanks

Why do you conceal your email address from the general public?

For the same reason I’m sorry that I gave it to some who are now abusing it.

How is it that some people think that what they are interested in is also of interest to others? How is it that they think, therefore, that they must clutter the in-boxes of others with their daily offerings—clever sayings, poetry, regular blog-like essays, etc.? I’m not questioning the motives of those who write. I’m sure that they have the noblest of intentions. And, now and then, the material they send is very interesting. However . . .

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Learning God’s Word

It is good for me that I was afflicted,
That I may learn Your statutes.
                                                                    Psalm 119:71

How many times have I stood by the bedside of a sick church member and read these words? This past week God has given me a fresh perspective on them and I am praying I will be a better learner because of it.

I am grateful for everyone who has communicated with me to tell me they were praying for us this past month. Our Lord had very different plans for me than I had a month ago and evidently is not finished with my tutelage just yet. Feel free to skip this particular posting and move on to some of Jay’s articles but, for the sake of those who have inquired, indulge me while I recount some of the events of the past month.

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My thanks and gratitude to everyone who has prayed for me these past several weeks and for your thoughtful communications to Sandy and me. I am scheduled for another “stint” in the hospital tomorrow to have one more “stent” installed. It is scheduled to be just a one night stay. I will probably be out of pocket for several more days after that. If you have communicated with us and have not received a reply please know you are not being ignored. I hope to be back at my desk working through the backed up e-mail by July 1.

My cardiologist impressed upon me the great grace of God toward me through all this. He told me that had it not been for the quick and professional work of the paramedics my heart attack would have “taken me out.” Instead, he reports that there was little damage done and all should be well if I behave myself and lose some significant weight.

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Serious as a Heart Attack

As noted previously, Friday was our 34th anniversary. Sandy and I went out to eat to celebrate and upon returning home I began to experience some bad things—shortness of breath, chest pain, etc. Having once been an EMT I knew what was happening. I took the aspirin right away, ambulance arrived quickly, and within 30 minutes I was in the heart cath lab having two stints put in my heart. Dr says there was minimal damage to the heart but I will have to have another stint put in later.

While all this means I will be out of pocket for a week or two never fear. The Institute will go on without missing a beat. Emily will be spending more time in the office answer calls and e-mail and I hope to be back at my desk in about a week.

Thank you for your prayer. God is good and uses heart attacks to work His good plan. Pray that I will not be too obtuse to learn the things He desires to teach me in the coming days.


Happy Anniversary Babe!

As a point of personal privilege I want to use this space today to rise up and call my wife “blessed!” Today marks our 34th anniversary and I can testify to the truth of the saying that the key to success and happiness is to marry well!

Now as you look at her picture (taken in London’s Hyde Park) I know what many of you are thinking. You’re thinking, “That Arms must be rich! How else does a guy like him end up with a trophy wife like Sandy?” Well, I am rich but not monetarily. I am an example of the great grace of God Who has poured out His riches on me.

Happy anniversary Princess! I love you.