60 Years Ago Today!

Happy Anniversary Jay and Betty Jane Adams. Here are just a few of the greetings we have received:

I’m a trainee pastor in a small church in the UK and I’ve been following the INS course for the last 18 months or so. How have you helped me? When a guy got kicked out of his house by his wife, I knew what do to. When a couple were literally screaming at each other, I knew how to bring Christ into that situation. When another guy was struggling with porn, I knew what scriptures to apply to give him hope. Without you and your writings, I would have spent the next 20 years trying to figure this stuff out on my own. And (except by the grace of God), I would have left a trail of destruction behind me. Thank you.    Jon Mason

Jay’s personal counsel is one of the reasons I entered the ministry almost 40 years ago. His writings are the primary reason I’ve been able to help people during those years. While I do not know the extent I am confident his marriage has contributed to my ministry. With thanks and congratulations!  Larry R Bunton

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Congratulations, Jay and Betty Jane Adams!


This Thursday, June 23, Jay and Betty Jane Adams will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary! I want to encourage you to send a word of congratulations to Jay and Betty Jane along with a brief testimony of how Jay’s ministry of teaching and writing has been a blessing to you. We have set up a temporary e-mail address for them to receive your e-mail at jay@nouthetic.org. When you write, please help us by keeping the following in mind:

  1. While Jay and Betty Jane will read each greeting, please understand that neither Jay nor Betty Jane will be able to respond to you personally.
  2. You do not have to know Jay or Betty Jane personally to write. Jay’s ministry has touched thousands around the world and it will be an encouragement to both to know they have ministered to you in some way over the years.
  3. Please include your full name, address, and an e-mail address. Some context would be helpful as well such as pastor, counselor, former student, etc.
  4. While we may publish some of these greetings on this blog we will only include your name, not your contact information. We will keep that to ourselves in case we want to contact you for a donation to the Institute later!
  5. Do not fuss at Jay about his view of baptism, eschatology, or whatever else you disagree with him about. That is my job.

If you would rather write to them the old fashioned way you can send snail mail to

Jay and Betty Jane Adams
1365 Mt. Shoals Road
Enoree, SC 29335


Well, we’re experiencing our annual hatch of ladybugs. They’re good for killing aphids on roses, but can you think of anything else in their favor? Of course, they do look neat slowly travelling nowhere up and down the screens in your windows. But, besides being smaller bug disposal units, I’m stuck with any ideas. Any suggestions?

Now, they also have an ability to find their way into the house—indeed, it’s uncanny! So we have to vacuum them with the hose attachment or shoot them with Office Max GASduster that is really for cleaning you keyboard. Some people pay for shipments of ladybugs to put out into their gardens. Anyone wishing to hand-collect them so we can do so, is welcome to get into the shipping business for such purposes. We have all you could ever want—easy work!

Well, I’ll wait to hear your advice. Thanks ahead of time!


Hello and Thanks!

It would be impossible to respond personally to everyone who has expressed sympathy over the death of my son Todd. He wanted to be with the Lord, and frequently said so. His death was, in many ways, an answer to his prayers. He loved Christ and wanted to tell others about Him—and from his motorized wheelchair, did the best he could on Facebook.  He was not always too coherent, from the disease, but one thing always seemed to be crystal clear with Him—Jesus Christ is His Savior, whom He loved.

Thank you once more,              

Jay and Betty


Jonathan Todd Adams, 1959 – 2011

With a joyful sorrow we said farewell to Todd Adams last Saturday evening. Todd was Jay and Betty Jane Adams’ oldest son and had been contending with the physical effects of MS for over eight years. A memorial service will be held at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Moore, SC on Monday, January 17, at 11:00 a.m.

Please pray for Todd’s wife, Lucy Anne, his two sons Jake and Luke, and for Jay and Betty Jane.

Correspondents . . .

I’ve been in and out of hospitals lately—visited a Dr. today, and must see him again tomorrow. Don’t know how much longer this will continue—that’s in God’s hands.

Going through all of this has been a harrowing experience—hence little sleep—which leads me to remark that I fell to sleep at the computer yesterday and—today.

I’m curious how many of you received strange emails as a result?

IV fluid bags

Looking up from the hospital bed, I noticed a bag of blood marked A+ and a bag of platelets marked A- hanging from the rolling bag rack. Concerned, I pointed this out to the nurse, who informed me that since I’m A positive, both A+ and A- would work (ALTHOUGH IT WON’T WORK THE OTHER WAY AROUND).

Now, I suppose I’ll have my A positive days and my A-negative days!


Update on Dr. Adams

Jay was in the hospital again over the weekend. He is home but is very weak. Please continue to pray for both Jay and Betty Jane. If you would like to send a greeting you may do so at feedback@nouthetic.org and I will forward it on to Jay. I know he will be encouraged to hear from friends but he will not be able to respond to anyone personally.

Jay is still blogging, however. The blog post that appears Monday was written upon his return from the hospital!


Thank you for Praying

Dr. Adams spent the weekend in the hospital and is now continuing his recuperation at home. While he had several rough days his doctors believe he is on the mend. I picked him up at the hospital Sunday evening and he was feeling well enough to regale me with stories about the history of several cults on the way home.

Please continue to pray for Jay. He is still quite weak and will require more rest. Pray also for Betty Jane who has had some painful complications from knee replacement surgery.

On a personal note, I had the joy of marrying my son and daughter-in-law last Thursday. We had a great time with family members who had gathered for the occasion. Thanks to all who have sent greetings and a special thank you to our wonderful church family who ministered to us so selflessly this past week so we could focus on rejoicing with Paul and Brittany.


Please Pray

We pause from our regular blogging efforts to ask you to pray for Dr. Adams today. He is experiencing some significant (and we will leave it at that) health issues. He is home but complete rest has been ordered. Pray also for Betty Jane who is experiencing her own health problems.

This is a day of rejoicing for the Arms family as I will be leading the marriage ceremony for my son Paul this afternoon!

Because of our full plate we are not planning to post a new blog until Monday. Please do not fall out of the habit of checking in regularly. See you Monday!