Happy Birthday Jay

On January 30 Jay Adams will celebrate his 90th birthday! While Jay no longer receives email, we have established a special email address for his friends to communicate with him on this special occasion. Send your greeting and whatever message you would like to communicate, long or short, to this address—jayeadams1970@gmail.com. We will print them out and present them to him in a binder so he can read through them in the days to come.


We are grateful for all those who have contacted us to ask why our blog seemed to have gone dark. We are glad that so many noticed and have checked in. As 2018 comes to a close let me give you an update about what is happening at the Institute for Nouthetic Studies.

First, let’s talk about Jay. Next month Jay will celebrate his 90th birthday. His entire family was able to gather for the Christmas holidays and, together with a number of local friends, they celebrated the event early with an event at Redeemer Presbyterian Church last Friday.  This is a photo of Jay and my daughter-in-law who baked and decorated the birthday cake.

While Jay’s health has been stable in recent days he will be dealing with some challenges early next month. On Wednesday, January 2 he will be undergoing surgery on his foot and if all goes well, he will have the same surgery done on the other several weeks later. Please pray with us that he will tolerate the surgery well and that the result will enable him to walk better.

January 30 is the date of his 90th birthday. We have set up a temporary email account for him to receive your birthday greetings. Jay no longer receives email, but we will print out each email message we receive and present them to him in a notebook on his birthday. Send your greetings and messages to him at jayadams1970@gmail.com.

Now, about my health. On Thanksgiving evening, I was clobbered by an acute case of pancreatitis. This came on the heals (pun intended) of surgery I had on my foot just three weeks before that. After a week and a half in the hospital and several weeks of bed rest I am finally able to function well enough to answer email and work at my desk several hours each day. I am grateful for your prayer and ask that you continue to present my health issues before His throne. I am dealing with several complications, including a blood clot in my leg, and it looks like I will require more surgery on my foot once my other issues are resolved.

However, the ministry of the Institute is going forward! As I hope you have heard, we are now the publisher of most of Dr. Adams’ books and we are working diligently to bring a number of titles back into print soon. While my health issues slowed down our progress temporarily, we hope to have several titles ready early next year. We will have Committed to Craftsmanship in Biblical Counseling ready early next month. Soon thereafter we hope to have What to do on Thursday ready to print.

Thank you for your interest in this ministry and thank you for praying, both for Dr. Adams and myself.

Happy Birthday!

TomorrowJay Adams, January 30, we will be honoring Dr. Adams on the occasion of his 87th birthday. We have set up a temporary email box for the occasion at jayeadams1970@gmail.com if you would like to send a word of greeting. Jay will not be able to respond to each message but each one will be an encouragement.

Happy Anniversary!

Donn and SandyWhen introduced to my wife and me for the first time people often conclude I must be rich. Any woman this gorgeous, they often think, who would marry a lump like Arms must be after his money. While it is true that I am rich, it is not in this world’s goods. Were I as rich as Croesus, I could not afford to purchase what God has given to me freely. My greatest treasure is the most the most beautiful woman ever to grace the campus of Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa whom I somehow persuaded to marry me. It was 40 years ago today that I sealed the deal in a little Baptist church in Seymour, Iowa where her dad served as pastor.

Now, forty years later, I continue to live joyfully with the wife of my youth. Our four children, along with our seven grandchildren, rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her saying, “Many daughters have done well, but you are the greatest!”

I love you, Babe. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Dr. Adams!

DSCN1841Today is Dr. Adams’ 85th birthday. If you wish to send him a greeting you may do so at jay@nouthetic.org. He will not be able to respond to everyone individually but he will enjoy hearing from you.

God bless you Jay! May this day be full of joy as you celebrate with your family.

The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree,
He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
Planted in the house of the Lord,
They will flourish in the courts of our God.
They will still yield fruit in old age;
They shall be full of sap and very green.

Psalm 92:12-14

Report from the Doctor

Jim Halla is a local physician, biblical counselor, NANC Fellow, author, and good friend. He visited Dr. Adams in the hospital yesterday and sent me this report. I thought you would enjoy it.

The MDs were able to turn off the dopamine drip last night. I saw him at 2:00 and his vital signs were stable. They have moved him to restorative care.

He is still short of breath at rest but obviously progressing from previously. He is still being anti-coagulated. He has a long way to go.

It is interesting to talk with him. I have seen Jay as a real person who has preached, taught, and struggled. I told him that living as if God was sovereign was a great testimony to his and our God. He accepts reproofs, exhortation, and encouragements. He is now ministering to hospital personnel.

He appreciates nurses praying for him and company. He is just like you and me in that sense. I told Jay that watching and hearing him live (think, desire, act) has about trumped all that he has written.  He and I talked practical theology and he recalled much of our conversation. Praise God.

God has been very good to give us people who in a large way “put their money where their mouth is” (we would say heart). Jay thanked me for that and reminded me he was not perfect/he was a sinner. I readily agreed. He laughed. Then we talked theology.


You may have noticed that our blog went dark for about a month. Fear not. We are back. Events of this past month required us to focus our attention on other things including

  1. Moving into our new home and office
  2. The hugely successful launch of our online school
  3. The birth of our newest GRANDDAUGHTER!
  4. But most importantly, a serious decline in Dr. Adams’ health

Dr. Adams has become steadily weaker this past month and his Doctors have been at a loss to explain it. About three weeks ago we learned he had several brain tumors but they were eventually diagnosed to be benign. Last weekend Dr. Adams had a serious neurological event of some sort and he was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. By Monday his condition had stabilized and he has been in the ICU until today when he was moved to another facility where he will be monitored and treated for several weeks.

I am glad to report that he is awake and, though very weak, still retains his sense of humor. One hospital chaplain who stopped by to visit explained to Jay that even though he was a Baptist minister he loved Presbyterians and, in true ecumenical form, declared that we were all God’s children. On his way out the door he offered to be of whatever help to Jay he could be. Jay responded by saying, “It sounds like you are the one who needs my help!”

Please pray for Jay and Betty Jane. This has been a difficult week and there are more hard days to come. Pray also that his doctors would have wisdom as they seek to understand his condition and find the proper balance of various medications and IVs. He was not pleased when I suggested that one of his problems seemed to be a “chemical imbalance.”


If you would like to send Jay and Betty Jane a greeting you may do so via a special email address we have established for him. You will not receive a response but we will print out each email and deliver them to the Adams at the hospital. If Jay has been a blessing to you over the years it would be an encouragement if you would communicate that to them.


My Present Situation

The reason I am now writing blogs is twofold—first, because I like to do so; second, because I can’t yet bring myself to sit and write a book—or even long article—on a subject of concern. I do want to return to publishing books, because there are several subjects not yet covered in any adequate fashion by Nouthetic counselors, and I’d like to remedy that situation.

So, perhaps you could help stimulate me to begin writing again (if you think that a good idea) by suggesting some subjects. Right now, none strike me as something I think necessary and that sitting in my wheelchair I will do well. By the way, I’m beginning to walk with a walker. Doing quite well—once I get up. But that’s the problem—learning how to get up to use the walker. If you have time, you might pray for help in this matter. Thanks to all who have been praying for me. Had a great afternoon today meeting with Wayne Mack, whom most of you know. I May never see him again this side of heaven—so it was a great blessing. Yesterday, I took a slide down a ramp in the wheelchair and ended up on half the ground, and half the sidewalk. No injuries. Landed largely on my head—that’s probably why (hardest part of my body!). Was able to go through two hours of grueling therapy afterwards! I am grateful to God for these facts. Pray that this therapy will be successful—so far I’ve been enabled to walk well with a walker (that’s success). Enough of this for now.

Update on Dr. Adams

As you probably know, Dr. Adams had knee replacement surgery one week ago today. The surgery went well but the recovery and physical therapy have been difficult. This is a rehab process that is tough for anyone but for an 83 year old man in diminished health it is especially so. Because Jay is still not able to walk he has been moved to a rehab facility where he will continue to work with his physical therapists and doctors. Would you pray with us for Dr. Adams and for his wife Betty Jane?

If you would like to send a word of encouragement you can do so at Jay@nouthetic.org. He will not be able to read them online himself but I will print them out and deliver them.