Where will you find it?  In the Bible, yes.  The whole book of Proverbs is a “wisdom” book.  But will all who study it—or other wisdom teachings in the Scriptures—understand it and how to apply it to daily living? Don’t think so.

“Why do you say that?”

Because of verses like I Corinthians 2:6.

“What does it say?”

Just this,

But we speak wisdom to those who are telios persons.

“What is a telios person?”

It us a person who is “complete”— whole and entire are the words James used about him. That is to say, he isn’t lopsided in his faith and life. He is growing equally (or nearly so) in all aspects of the Christian belief and daily living.  He knows and lives Christianity in its entirety. He has by no means reached perfection, but is headed in that direction in all aspects of Christianity. Paul’s words are like those of Jesus who said to those who have more will be given.


So if you want to become wiser, be sure you don’t neglect any part of the faith in you application of truth. Otherwise, wisdom will not begin knocking at your door.