Do you have a question for Dr. Adams?

I never thought that many people think these blogs of lasting value until, just yesterday, someone showed me three of them that he had copied off! Which brings me to a point that I’d like to make: if there is some topic or verse that you would like me to consider writing about, please tell me so by contacting us at and stating your question or theme concisely (one or two sentences preferably).

Q & A with Dr. Jay!

Kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Thanks to our new HD video camera and the magic of Vimeo we have been posting Dr. Adams’ SS class lectures on the book of Hebrews. Our next venture into web video will be to tape answers to questions posed to Dr. Adams—questions about any topic from counseling, preaching, and pastoral ministry to church discipline, marriage and divorce, and even Jay’s somewhat less than mainstream view of eschatology!

We would love to include a question from you. Just e-mail your question to I can’t promise that your question will get included but I can promise it will not be answered if you don’t ask.