God in Heaven and on Earth

Here is how a believer ought to think in the midst of the general confusion that he finds himself surrounded with today:

You guide me with Your counsel, and afterwards, you will take me up in glory; Whom do I have I heaven but You? And I desire nothing on earth but You.         (Psalm 73:24)

It really doesn’t matter whether or not we find the answers to the troubles, trials, and difficulties that we face in the present life. It is wonderful when God gives us such a boon! But we have more than the present for which to live and rejoice—we look forward to a trouble-free heaven where all tears will be wiped away, where we will no longer regret our actions because we will never sin again!  That is a place where righteousness will be at home!

So, whether now or later, our lives are sure and steadfast in Christ—and that is something for which we can be eternally thankful, beginning today!

That is something that those who do not know Him as their Savior cannot appreciate or affirm.  If it sounds too good to be true, read the Scriptures in which you can find God’s counsel, and the life of faith here and complete joy hereafter.

Ready to Enter

According to the writer of Hebrews the saints listed in chapter 11 among the faithful all died in faith

 “without receiving the things that were promised.”

As the last verse in the chapter makes clear, this is the point of the words written about them. They believed, their faith led to extraordinary works, they went to be with Christ (which is far better than anything they knew here), but they still were waiting—waiting for the coming of the One Who would finally die, once for all, that they might be assured of life eternal. God was waiting for us to arrive on the scene—and believe. How wonderful that He and they patiently waited for us.

But patience is one of the great biblical virtues; it is not merely another piece of the Spirit’s fruit.  How good God has been to us (as He was to them) to postpone the fulfillment of the promises so that we too could cash in on them. The day when we rise to meet the Lord in the air, and all that occurs subsequently, is yet in the future, but we have come right up to it. We could not be closer without being inside enjoying the festivities of Hebrews 13:22-24! It’s as if we were standing in the vestibule looking through the glass doors at the joyous gathering inside. As we die, the door opens and we join the crowd!


My Father’s House

In my Father’s house are many mansions . . .

Obviously, the King James Version of John 14:2 makes no sense. How can there be mansions within a house? It should have been translated differently from the outset. The word for “mansions” is literally,”places to stay.” What is a place to stay? A room, of course. In other words in the father’s house—which itself might be more like a mansion—are many rooms that have been prepared for God’s own. Now that makes sense.

By the time you reach there, Christian, Jesus will have prepared one for you. To “prepare” simply means “to make ready for.” So, there is no need to change it’s translation. Jesus, Himself, is getting things ready (or has already done so) for those He loves and for whom He has allocated places (rooms) in His Father’s house.

Do you have any idea what it will look like? No? Well, neither do I. But I know one thing—I shall be absolutely satisfied with it—whatever it is like. Will you? Of course—if you have one to which He will assign you. But, of course, He assigns them to the Father’s children alone. They are reserved for members of the heavenly family. Have you become a member? Those are are His children who have trusted Jesus as Savior—those for Whom He shed His blood in their stead.

If you have found forgiveness by His grace through His forgiveness, you can know for sure that there will be a place in that wonderful house. Are you sure? If not, it’s time to get the matter settled right now!