Earn Your PhD or DMin under Dr. Adams or Receive Credit toward a Masters in Nouthetic Counseling!

When Dr. Adams and I formed the Institute for Nouthetic Studies we decided early on that we would not participate in the games of academia. We could have offered “degrees” but they would have been unaccredited or we would have had to charge students up to four times the tuition to pay for accreditation. No, our educational niche’ would be students who simply want to learn to minister effectively the Word in the counseling room, usually in a local church context, without a need for an academic degree. I often tell students that studying under Dr. Adams would be a greater asset than most degrees anyway.

Still, seldom does a week go by when we are not asked to recommend a college, seminary, or university where an academic degree in biblical counseling can be earned. While we have been glad to recommend several over the years we have not been able to do so without at least some reservation. While there are many good men teaching in these academic programs around the country we know of no program that we can recommend without some kind of caveat. These reservations often include the participation of integrationists in some aspect of the program, a lack of academic rigor, or the omission of such key elements as hermeneutics, exegesis, or solid theology. In several cases our reservations include the exorbitant cost of the program.

We recognize, however, that there are good reasons for some to seek an accredited academic degree. Many churches these days require that their pastoral staff members have a minimum of a master’s degree, even if that degree is from an integrationist or secular school. For several years we have been praying for the opportunity to partner with a school that can offer a respected degree and this past year God has answered that prayer!

We are pleased to announce that the Institute for Nouthetic Studies is working with Mid-America Baptist Seminary to build a Ph.D. and a D. Min. program in Practical Theology with an Emphasis in Biblical Counseling. It is an informal relationship in which Dr. Adams and I will be teaching their inaugural seminars in counseling in January and June of 2014. As part of the curriculum students will be studying much of our curriculum online.

These seminars can also be included in their M.Div. program and there will be an M.A. program offered in the future. We don’t know how much Dr. Adams will be able to participate personally in this program after these initial seminars so this may well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from Dr. Adams himself!

Mid-America Baptist Seminary is an exciting place. During my visits there I found there to be a warm and fervent spirit on campus and a heart for the ministry of the Word. They have a beautiful campus that is located in suburban Memphis just across the street from the historic Bellevue Baptist Church just off I-40.

Be warned. These degree programs are rigorous and there are the usual prerequisites for admission. But if you want to pursue a fully accredited degree that will stretch and challenge you to think biblically in your counseling and your teaching, and if studying under the founder and leader of the biblical counseling movement is an exciting a prospect for you we urge you to check it out.

For complete information, please contact the Seminary directly. The Seminary will help you with the details of the program and provide information about admission. You must talk to them directly. The deadline for application is October 31, 2013.


20130623_133222. . . to our students in British Columbia who worked diligently as a group to complete their course of study with the Institute for Nouthetic Studies and received their certificates. Your church or ministry can form a group to study with us as well. Any group with more than 5 students receives a 25% tuition discount. Contact us if you would like more information.

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What Should We Think About This Mess?

For the first time in almost two years Dr. Adams was in the pulpit last Sunday morning! Here is his message presented at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Moore, SC. Rejoice with us in the strength God has given to Jay and for the encouragement he still brings to God’s people from the Word of God. Click on the link below to navigate to our podcast page.

Psalm 11, May 26, 2013


Report from the Doctor

Jim Halla is a local physician, biblical counselor, NANC Fellow, author, and good friend. He visited Dr. Adams in the hospital yesterday and sent me this report. I thought you would enjoy it.

The MDs were able to turn off the dopamine drip last night. I saw him at 2:00 and his vital signs were stable. They have moved him to restorative care.

He is still short of breath at rest but obviously progressing from previously. He is still being anti-coagulated. He has a long way to go.

It is interesting to talk with him. I have seen Jay as a real person who has preached, taught, and struggled. I told him that living as if God was sovereign was a great testimony to his and our God. He accepts reproofs, exhortation, and encouragements. He is now ministering to hospital personnel.

He appreciates nurses praying for him and company. He is just like you and me in that sense. I told Jay that watching and hearing him live (think, desire, act) has about trumped all that he has written.  He and I talked practical theology and he recalled much of our conversation. Praise God.

God has been very good to give us people who in a large way “put their money where their mouth is” (we would say heart). Jay thanked me for that and reminded me he was not perfect/he was a sinner. I readily agreed. He laughed. Then we talked theology.


You may have noticed that our blog went dark for about a month. Fear not. We are back. Events of this past month required us to focus our attention on other things including

  1. Moving into our new home and office
  2. The hugely successful launch of our online school
  3. The birth of our newest GRANDDAUGHTER!
  4. But most importantly, a serious decline in Dr. Adams’ health

Dr. Adams has become steadily weaker this past month and his Doctors have been at a loss to explain it. About three weeks ago we learned he had several brain tumors but they were eventually diagnosed to be benign. Last weekend Dr. Adams had a serious neurological event of some sort and he was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. By Monday his condition had stabilized and he has been in the ICU until today when he was moved to another facility where he will be monitored and treated for several weeks.

I am glad to report that he is awake and, though very weak, still retains his sense of humor. One hospital chaplain who stopped by to visit explained to Jay that even though he was a Baptist minister he loved Presbyterians and, in true ecumenical form, declared that we were all God’s children. On his way out the door he offered to be of whatever help to Jay he could be. Jay responded by saying, “It sounds like you are the one who needs my help!”

Please pray for Jay and Betty Jane. This has been a difficult week and there are more hard days to come. Pray also that his doctors would have wisdom as they seek to understand his condition and find the proper balance of various medications and IVs. He was not pleased when I suggested that one of his problems seemed to be a “chemical imbalance.”


If you would like to send Jay and Betty Jane a greeting you may do so via a special email address we have established for him. You will not receive a response but we will print out each email and deliver them to the Adams at the hospital. If Jay has been a blessing to you over the years it would be an encouragement if you would communicate that to them.


The Eagle Has Landed!

OK, this may not be as dramatic as Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing but with our new online school we are able to deliver over the internet in ways the astronauts could not have imagined in 1969. Its a pretty big deal for us and we think it will be for you as well. Check out our all new website and learn how you can begin studying with Dr. Jay Adams today!

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