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Adams54Yes, there are other places one can go to receive quality training in Biblical counseling. Some are accredited academic institutions while others are local church based programs. These institutions are our friends and we view ourselves as co-workers with them, not competitors. These others are usually able to offer some aspects of training that we will not be able to by extension (such as an accredited degree at the end of the program as the seminaries can or opportunities to sit in on actual counseling cases as church based training can). Still, we believe you ought to consider studying with us for the following reasons:

  • Dr. Jay Adams - Dr. Adams is the father of the modern Biblical counseling movement. He has been teaching and counseling for 50 years and has written most of the books that others use as texts. In fact, most of the other quality training opportunities are led by men who have studied under Dr. Adams and most of their curricula have been derived from Dr. Adams’ pioneering work. While Dr. Adams published his first book on Biblical counseling, Competent to Counsel, over forty years ago he remains the lead thinker, theologian, and philosopher of the movement. While Dr. Adams does not teach all of our courses he is the Dean of the Institute and oversees every aspect of our curriculum.

  • Experienced Faculty - Both Bill Slattery and Donn Arms are experienced pastors who have been certified NANC members for many years. Bill is Dr. Adams son-in-law and served as Dr. Adams’ associate pastor when they together started the Harrison Bridge Road Presbyterian Church in South Carolina. Donn Arms is a NANC Fellow and has worked with Dr. Adams for over ten years. The faculty also includes a medical doctor, Robert Smith, Lou Priolo, and Martha Peace (author of the bestselling The Excellent Wife).

  • Need - Your church and community need well trained and qualified Biblical counselors with a heart for ministry and service. God has already surrounded you with hurting people who need Biblical answers. We get calls regularly asking for a referral to a Biblical counselor. We often have to report that we know of no one in the caller's area. Biblically oriented pastors and Christian workers should not have to seek a Biblical counselor to refer people to, they should be the kind of counselor hurting people are seeking!

  • Personal Growth - Most students report that the training quickly moved from being a course in helping others to a course in their own personal growth and walk with Christ. Studying Biblical answers to problems will impact the counselor's own life dramatically. Pastors uniformly testify that the training has changed their preaching ministry forcing them to become more practical, helpful, and focused on the needs of their people.

  • Cost - While any worthwhile training is costly it is important to remember it is an investment in your life and ministry. Tuition at INS has been kept as low as possible and still enable us to provide a quality product. Tuition prices remain the same as they were ten years ago. Studying online saves you the cost of travel to study sites, motels, and restaurant meals in addition to the cost of time away from your regular job or responsibilities.

  • Practical Experience - Our curriculum includes extended discussion of counseling situations based on Dr. Adams' Christian Counselor's Casebook.

  • Convenience - Lectures are delivered to you in your home, office, church, coffee shop, or anywhere you can access the internet. We urge our students to have a regular time each week to commit to studying but that can be whatever time you decide. There is no traveling to a seminary or seminar site to study at someone else's pace or schedule.

  • Interaction - While we will not be able to offer live interaction as the courses are taught, one of our faculty members, Donn Arms, is available to extension students online.

  • Curriculum - Our curriculum is the most comprehensive course of study in Biblical counseling available anywhere short of enrolling in a seminary degree program--and even exceeds many of those!

  • Credibility - The INS Certificate in Nouthetic Counseling, indicating one has studied under Dr. Adams, would be a significant addition to anyone's resume. All graduates are urged to seek certification with NANC as well. After completeing our curriculum students will have met, and far exceeded, the training requirements for NANC certification.

  • Effectiveness - Training in biblical counseling is available in many places and is often offered at a one week conference or over the course of several weekends. While good information is usually presented at these venues, we believe they have a number of limitations.

    • First is the amount of material presented. While these conferences meet the minimum amount of training required by NANC for certification we do not believe three weekends of training or five days of study is sufficient to prepare the student to counsel effectively.

    • Second, these venues require the student to assimilate a large amount of information very quickly and does not allow the student time to read any accompanying textbooks that would further explain the concepts being presented or to think through each topic before having to move immediately to another the next hour. At INS the student can move through the material at whatever pace is necessary to grasp the material.

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